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Conservative websites blocked from Connecticut high school computers

Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury, Connecticut blocks conservative websites from student access website

Andre Lampart, a senior student at Nonnewaug High School, is accusing his high school of blocking conservative web sites from the school’s Internet-accessing computers. According to Lampart, the high school’s firewall is blocking informative websites from the computer users. Case in point, the student asserts that when attempting to access the National Rifle Association’s website, he was blocked, according to a CBS report on Wednesday. The student was attempting to do research for a classroom debate on gun control last month when he made the discovery that websites have been blocked.

Lampart claims that he searched for information on the other side of the gun control issue – the non-conservative side – and had no trouble accessing websites promoting the other points of view. He says he was able to access such sites as Moms Demand Action and Newtown Action Alliance but not other websites for doing his research. After having made this discovery about the website blockages from his school’s computers, he extended his searches to look for political parties in his state of Connecticut.

Quite disturbingly, the 18-year-old student discovered that the State Democratic website was not blocked from users on the school’s computers while the State Republican website was blocked. Beyond that, the young man tried to explore websites religious websites such as and the Vatican’s website. Both of those religious websites were blocked, but was available to him on the school’s computers.

Lampart says that the school is trying to shelter students from what is actually going on around the country and around the world by blocking those websites. He said it should be the other way around. He believes the websites should be unblocked so that students can get different points of view from different sides of each argument.

Lampart approached the superintendent of Woodbury schools and nothing changed after one week. Next, the student went to the Board of Education this week. According to Fox News, the Chairman of the Board, John Chapman, said that it’s not a joking matter in terms of having access to both sides of an issue. However, no action has been taken regarding the blocked websites. Chapman only said that the issue needs to be further investigation.

Nonnewaug High School is located at 5 Minortown Road in Woodbury, Connecticut. It is a school which contains grades 9 through 12. Andrew O’Brien is the principal and Jose Martinez is the assistant principal. It is not known if the high school's firewall is controlled by the school itself or the school district's technology team.

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