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Conservative Catholics protest Nuns on the Bus in Ohio

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Some of the Nuns on the Bus visited Ohio to talk about the Ryan Budget plan and the devastating effect it will have on poor families. Conservative Catholics, identifying themselves with the Tea Party, were waiting for the Sisters in Marietta. Holding signs that read "Bums on the Bus", "Burn the Bus" , as well as other disparaging signs, and calling into question the validity of the Sisters commitment to their vocation, the group proudly posted their protest on YouTube The video was recorded prior to the arrival of the Sisters.

Both sides believe they are doing the work of Jesus and following the Gospel tradition. The Sisters hold a view of the sanctity of all life, conception to natural death. The conservative Catholics also share the same belief. So what is the problem? The conservative group supports Romney/Ryan and believe the Sisters support Obama/Biden and therefore cannot really be pro-life.

The Sisters responded with dignity in the face of derision. They did as Jesus said and "turned the other cheek." They care for and speak for the poor, the sick and the children that the conservative Catholic and Christian groups, such as the Tea Party, seem to dismiss as unimportant, unworthy and unwelcome at the table. But this Jesus that the conservative Catholics believe in and follow is the same Jesus who ate with sinners and welcomed children. The same Jesus who told people over and over to sell what they have and give to the poor.

The group in Marietta clearly believes the Sisters are wrong for not supporting Romney/Ryan. But how can any Christian claim to be a follower of Jesus and be right for supporting Romney/Ryan when they are primarily concerned with helping the rich become richer?