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Conservative calls Bruce Springsteen 'most overrated musician of all-time'

As the world continues to chuckle at the infamous spoof song that was performed by Bruce Springsteen and Late Night host Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday where they lampooned New Jersey Governor Chris Christie over his disreputable Bridgegate controversy, some conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and Fox’s Megyn Kelly are not very happy with Springsteen’s new, comedy act.

Jimmy Fallon and Bruce Springsteen reworked the rocker’s ‘Born to Run’ into a parody song titled ‘Gov. Christie Traffic Jam.’

On Thursday, a panel consisting of the Daily Beast’s Keli Goff, Fox News legal analyst Arthur Aidala, and National Security Editor of Buck Sexton all appeared on Fox News with Kelly on her show The Kelly File to analyze this situation.

It began with Kelly playing a clip from Limbaugh where he politically chastised Springsteen’s spoofing antics.

Limbaugh said:

Governor Christy loves this guy. 127 different concerts he’s attended, and he’s mocked. He’s made fun of. He can’t be a real fan because he is a Republican.”

He can only be a real fan and friend to somebody like Springsteen if you’re a Democrat, and even then for only as long as they can use you.”

Sexton was the first to reply to the clip in agreement with Limbaugh's rebuking of Springsteen, and he didn’t hold anything back, and after hearing what Sexton said about Springsteen, maybe there is a good reason why Springsteen has a lot of Democratic friends.

Sexton said:

It’s clearly not nice. It’s piling on at a time when Governor Christie is already finding himself sort of beset on all sides. But I would say this.”

Look, Bruce Springsteen is guy who proves that you can pretend to be an every man even if you’re worth over $100 million dollars.”

He wears a little too much denim for my taste. He’s a guy who always pretends to be something that I don’t think he is. His biggest crime for me is that he is probably the most overrated musician of all-time!

And after Sexton dropped that political bombshell, the entire panel exploded in a thunderous explosion of oohs, aahs, tremendous laughter, and the word whoa being yelled loudly!

Kelly would then ask:

If you were under fire the way Chris Christie is okay, and rightly or wrongly because obviously Christie’s office did something very bad, if you were under fire like that, would you want somebody that you admire – would you want him going out and mocking you?

Now even though it can’t be conclusively proven that Sexton threw Springsteen’s musical abilities under the political bus because of his personal, political disparagement over Springsteen’s mocking of Christie, but that argument could still be made and strongly.

After all, Saturday Night Live is not the only game in town that has the right to spoof politicians.

And furthermore, even if Springsteen is the “most overrated musician of all-time,” he doesn’t have to be the Rolling Stones or the Beatles to politically spoof the lame debacle known as Bridgegate that happened via Christie’s staff. You don’t have to hit all of the Mariah Carey, high notes to do that.

After all, Weird Al Yankovic never set the vocal world on fire whenever he spoofed someone, but he was still funny thanks to well-written songs and well-played music, and the same can be said for the so-called, "overrated" Springsteen.

What Sexton and Kelly may not realize is that an indictment on the musical value of Springsteen is also an indictment on the musical taste of Christie, who supposedly loves Springsteen so much that he cried when he met him, according to Kelly.

So while numerous Republicans and conservatives continue to beat the presidential drum for a 2016 run by Christie against Hillary Clinton, the New Jersey Governor and all of his supporters had better get ready to be spoofed even more, and there simply aren’t enough bridges to backup, and there are not enough traffic studies available to combat that political reality. So the Christie people had better get used to it!

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