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Conservative blogger: Harry Reid inciting bloody civil war over Bundy ranch

Harry Reid accused of inciting civil war over Bundy ranch.
Harry Reid accused of inciting civil war over Bundy ranch.
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On Thursday, conservative blogger Mike Vanderboegh said that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is inciting what he calls the next American civil war in a press release posted at his blog, Sipsey Street Irregulars. Vanderboegh said he intends to award Reid the 2014 "Incitement to Civil War" trophy on Saturday for calling supporters of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy "domestic terrorists."

"When Dirty Harry Reid tells us that 'This isn't over' and calls the Bundys and their supporters 'domestic terrorists' he is using -- literally -- the 'bully pulpit' to solicit the next American civil war," Vanderboegh said. "Reid is a corrupt bully and he understands that this struggle is not about tortoises or cows or even the vast spaces of the American west claimed by the federal government, it is about power, federal power to use naked state-sponsored terrorism to compel the American people to do what the perfumed princes of Harry Reid's Mandarin class insist is for their own good, even if it kills them."

As we reported Friday, Reid made the comment while attending a “Hashtags & Headlines” event held by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. He also told reporters that a task force is being set up to "deal" with Bundy. Reid did not specify what, exactly, he meant by the remark.

Vanderboegh, however, wasn't finished, and said that people were motivated to come to the Bundy's defense by the actions of the Bureau of Land Management, run by Neil Kornze, a former senior aide to Harry Reid. As we reported, the agency set up so-called "First Amendment" zones and stationed snipers around the ranch.

"This is about two fundamentally different answers to this question: 'Does the government serve the people as the Founders intended, or will the people be servants of the government?'" Vanderboegh added. "Harry Reid believes that the people should serve the government -- or else."

Federal agents backed down last Saturday, beating a hasty retreat after a tense standoff. Some, apparently eager to see the family killed by federal agents, responded in anger as we reported Saturday.

On Thursday, Liberty Unyielding contributor Renee Nal posted screen captures of angry tweets issued by Rob Mrowka of the Center for Biological Diversity. In one tweet posted by Nal, Mrowka advocated using military force against the Bundy ranch and those supporting the family.

"Why hasn't the Gov sent National Guard to back up fed officers & enforce court orders," he wrote. His Twitter account is no longer available as of this writing.

He was not the only one apparently disappointed with the lack of bloodshed, as we reported last Saturday. Several people on Twitter and other websites were quite angry that federal agents backed down.

Filling in for Rush Limbaugh on Friday, The Blaze's Buck Sexton said Reid is stirring up liberals in an effort to demonize Bundy as an "undesirable." It appears Reid has succeeded in that regard as a number of liberal sites have adopted his mantra, calling Bundy a "freeloader" and a "criminal." But Vanderboegh believes that Reid's real intentions are far more sinister.

"For inciting the federal government into planning for another Waco, Reid more than deserves this award," he said.

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