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Conservative blogger alleges death threat on Twitter over Boko Haram article

Conservative blogger target of liberal death threat on Twitter
Conservative blogger target of liberal death threat on Twitter
Daniel Acker/Bloomberg via Getty Images

On Monday, conservative blogger Jim Hoft said he was the target of a death threat on Twitter after a blog post he wrote regarding the kidnapped girls in Nigeria was criticized by the far left wing Daily Kos. The threatening tweet also mentioned conservative talk show host Dana Loesch.

"Teabag scum @gatewaypundit & @DLoesch approve of this. Both need bullets in their throats," said Twitter user "Capital T Capital J."

The tweet contained a link to Hoft's piece that criticizes Michelle Obama's hashtag campaign and points out that other reports say the girls have already been sold into slavery and shipped to Chad. The blog post also contains a video report and a note that says U.S. intelligence also believes the girls have been split up.

Nowhere in the report does Hoft express approval. Nevertheless, the Twitter user got the idea that he does, and issued the threat.

"Avocation of violence against them is wrong," one person said in response. "Sure they're disgusting but shooting them?"

"Capital T Capital J" doubled down on his initial message, claiming the two conservative need to be killed because they support the right to keep and bear arms.

"[I]t's very Apropos (sic) @baublelauble They are Gun nuts; 'live 4 the gun...Die by the gun' summthin (sic) like that right?" he asked.

Liberalism, as we first pointed out in February 2011, is an ideology based largely on rage and hate. Liberals prove that in one way or another on practically any given day. It's not unusual to see allegedly tolerant liberals either wish death on those with whom they disagree, or issue threats against them.

Death threats and death wishes against conservatives were practically a daily occurrence during the 2012 general election, and some even threatened riots and civil war if Mitt Romney won. The left wing hate machine also went into high gear after the Sandy Hook shooting, with liberals calling for the death of anyone supporting the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Democrats in high places, journalists, Hollywood celebrities and university professors joined the Twitter lynch mob in calling for the deaths of gun rights supporters.

While some on the left have targeted specific individuals, others have called for everyone on the right to be killed. Gay sex columnist Dan Savage, for example, once told Bill Maher he wished every Republican was dead, while radio talk show host Mike Malloy revealed a fantasy in which an "angel of the Lord" would murder every member of the Tea Party by cutting off their heads. It seems that for many on the left, all the nation's problems can be solved by murdering everyone on the right.

Hoft said the response to his piece is "a bit extreme" considering that he was "just pointing out the obvious."

"But," he added, "that is what we are dealing with here in America today. Violent – Leftist – Thugs – Threatening murder."

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