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Conservative author, comedian Evan Sayet explains why 'stupid' liberals succeed

In a video recently posted on his website, Evan Sayet, conservative comedian and author of "The Kindergarden of Eden," explained why it is "stupid" liberals seem to succeed at their chosen profession, Truth Revolt reported Wednesday.

Conservative comedian and author Evan Sayet.
Evan Sayet, used with permission

Sayet minced no words in telling his audience he believes the modern liberal is the "stupidest person that has ever lived." But, he wondered, if liberals are as stupid as he believes them to be, how is it they manage to succeed?

"If Nancy Pelosi is stupid, how did she become the Speaker of the House of Representatives? If Katie Couric is stupid, how did she become the most recent recipient of the Walter Cronkite award for 'excellence' in television journalism. If Henry Gates and Ward Churchill are stupid, how did they become tenured professors?" he asked on his website.

The answer, according to Sayet, is simple. Liberals succeed because, in short, they choose professions that don't actually require them to do anything.

"They don't build, they don't make, they don't construct, they don't manufacture, they don't prepare, they don't sow, they don't mend," he said. "Every single profession that we associate with liberalism is all talk, but no action, and the thing is when you don't 'do anything,' you don't know what you're talking about."

Why, for example, do liberals flock to journalism, he wondered. Because, he explained, "the journalist doesn't do anything." Present company excluded, of course.

Journalism, he said, "is for someone who doesn't do anything, to report to the people who do things, the things that the other people who do things were doing while they were out doing things." Although Sayet didn't mention it, so many in the so-called "mainstream media" simply parrot talking points from politicians or left-wing groups like Media Matters, often without providing context or telling the entire story. Sites like Newsbusters document this type of yellow "journalism" on a daily basis.

The same applies to academia. As the old saying goes, those who can, do, while those who can't, teach.

Academics, he said "is for someone who doesn't do anything to lecture to children, who don't do anything, about the people who do things and did things, and the things that they did and they do." Of course, there are a number of good teachers who push their charges to the limit, but there are far too many who use their position to indoctrinate children in radical left-wing ideologies like "white privilege."

Dittos for government work, he added. Truth Revolt noted that conservatives have complained for decades that "the government doesn't do anything." It's probably more accurate, however, to say that government does a lot of things, but doesn't do any of them right.

"The job of people like Barack Obama, who have never done anything," Sayet said, "is to order the people who do everything to stop doing anything the way that they do those things. Ironically, if the people who do everything don't listen to the people who have never done anything, then the people who have never done anything will put the people who do everything in jail where they won't be able to do anything, but where they will meet another Democratic party constituency."

The same theory applies to show business, Sayet explained. Yes, he said, Hollywood actors and actresses don't do anything either.

"The job of the actor is to pretend to be doing things," he said. "The actor is all talk, but no action, which is interesting, because in order to get the actor to start talking, the director yells 'action', but the second there's any action, they send the actor to his trailer to talk with his entourage and they bring in the stuntman." Hollywood stuntmen, he added, are overwhelmingly conservative because they work in a profession that requires them to actually do something. Video of Sayet's comments can be seen above.

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