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Conservation of Spirit

The Ancients supposed that there were four elements in the universe; earth, wind, water and fire. But further inquiry demonstrated that these were not the elements themselves, only their states of existence; solids, gases, liquids and reactions. The real elements never change. The most fundamental law in chemistry is the conservation of mass, meaning, in short, that you always end up with what you started with despite the changes in physical characteristics. For example, you may dissolve, burn, freeze, precipitate or evaporate an element or mixture, but you end up with the exact number of atoms that you started with. As with the elements, I think there is a conservation of spirit as well as mass. When we die, our bodies go back to the earth and our spirits go back to God.

Kind of like reading the Old and New Testaments. You start out with God and Humans and you pretty much end up with God and Humans and a whole lot of activity in the interim. My brother asked me why I spend my time teaching out of a really old book, and I said that the nature of humanity is not changed, so it is still relevant for today.

We often separate the human into body, soul, mind and spirit but I think these are states of existence. And we may think of spirits drifting off into the ether and the body decomposing when people die, but it may prove to be the opposite. We may be eternal creatures and while changing form, are never created or destroyed. Would not the creator of something as consistent and organized as chemical law not also create such a spiritual one?