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Consequences from Republicans decrying the EPA and undermine spending

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West Virginia, the spoiled beauty state, is just one example of what happens when Republicans get their way to sacrifice environmental responsibility for higher profits. The result is from loopholes in laws that fail to keep pace with the introduction of new hazardous chemicals.

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“The coal-processing chemical that cut off the water supply to 300,000 West Virginians is one of tens of thousands of potentially hazardous substances that have fallen through a decades-old loophole in federal regulations, leaving authorities with little information on what dangers it poses.”

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A sustainable economy balances social and environmental responsibility to ensure a good life for all citizens. A profit-driven society that undermines equality in government by equating corporations with persons reduces the balance of responsibility.

Ensuring clean air and water without compromise is essential for humanity to survive on the planet. The world population is at a tipping point, and West Virginia is one example. The industries in that state are allowed to pollute the air and water, and that pollution spreads to other states that are downstream or upwind.

Just as coal-fired power plants in Ohio spew air pollution that kills forests in upstate New York, the menacing industry must be brought under control. Fossil fuels are an unacceptable source of power until and unless they can be used without negative effect on the environment.

Renewable energy sources are the only way forward, and the sooner Americans embrace that approach the better chances we have of surviving and saving the planet.



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