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Consciousness one generation following another arising in levels of awareness

Supermoon where butterflies love to swim
Supermoon where butterflies love to swim

We make what we are and what we seek to become. We also become that which we seek to become by making what we are come to be through the images of our awareness. Out of this awareness all that is reflects itself into being. Therefore we take from what is on high and we imagine what it must become in order to flow into the being of our awareness. In this way the entirety of our thoughts add to each other expression itself as the greater whole.

Supermoon 2014

What is this like? Two men were building a fence both from the opposite side. Both of them were short what was needed to complete the fence. They decided to make one fence instead of two and therefore everything turned out perfectly.

It is the same with thoughts that we are thinking. Perhaps we are thinking about one thing and then the other. However, our intention is to concentrate on one thing and not the other. Therefore all of our thoughts regardless of where they have been directed previously now all have the distinct purpose of aiding and abetting this one thing.

In order to conceptualize this we imagine that there are localities of thought. These corresponding localities of thought join amongst themselves in order to improve the substance of the individual ideas making greater fuller concepts.

Thoughts thereby permeate themselves. In this way we must always seek connection in consciousness. Imagine that your thoughts rise and fall according to their relevance in the moment. They do so in a perpetual cycle that both rises and falls.

Thoughts align themselves together raising your perceptual awareness. This leads to a level by level ascension of concept. These operations of thought are difficult to follow since everything occurs in a moving time reference. This is why we may invoke a kind of shadow awareness that tracks and organizes thoughts along the way. Call it the unconscious ordering of thought. In this way the administration of thought becomes something that self awareness automatically may bring into play.

What we are trying achieve here is a replication of the image above through our fields of awareness that take place in our life experiences. When we come to even a modicum of success we are imitating the unity that surrounds us and setting the stage for conscious awareness.

In this way we are able to follow the stages of awareness that thought goes through much like the six days of creation about which it is said in (Ecclesiastes 1:4) A generation goes and a generation comes, and the earth stands forever.

Thoughts build upon themselves and then enter a field of stasis; call it the seventh day of rest. In this stasis the momentum is gathered for the next push onward always learning more and reaching higher levels of unity.

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