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Conscious War

Conscious war can be a stepping stone to peace.
Conscious war can be a stepping stone to peace.
David Dees

War is an organized and intentional armed conflict between political communities that is generally characterized by extreme violence, causing social and economic disruption and destruction. That doesn’t sound like a good idea. War has proliferated as long as anyone can remember and the past is littered with spears and empty shell casings; remnants of the aggression that has been carried down through centuries. Whether for political machinations or the acquisition of some form of wealth, be it currency, resources or simply, the “other than us,” humans have been killing each other in an organized fashion since the beginning of time. The psychopaths in power or the PTB (Powers That Be) are somehow always able to manipulate young minds into doing their dirty work and carrying out their orders without question by waving flags of duty and the medals of heroes in their faces until they feel guilty if they don’t join the fray.

The reality is that a peaceful, war- free world is possible but requires a certain level of intelligent compassion that humanity has not yet reached. And comparing the barbaric military practices of ancient civilizations to the more sophisticated technological warfare of today is it really any different? In many ways, we haven’t come very far at all in the history of warfare accept in the new technological and nuclear ways we have found to take lives while the justifications we use have become more amoral and more complicated.

One of the main problems with war is the collateral damage; 90% of the deaths in war are collateral, not to mention the widespread destruction of historic, commercial and residential property. That’s killing a lot of people who didn’t want to play. If people want to kill each other and do battle on a battlefield or whatever kind of warfare is preferred, there ought to be a place where they can do it, “Just don’t do it in the house.”

But before we can have peace, we will probably need and intermediary step that satisfies civilization’s need for organized, blood-thirsty aggression and this is the “Conscious War.” Since we exist in a free will zone, everyone should get a chance to do their thing, no matter how complimentary or horrific, accepting the consequences of their actions, of course. War is more often carried out by men, not women because men are more prone to killing and less to nurturing.

So, there must be an intermediary step. War cannot just end war overnight, but it can be up leveled to be more conscious.

Here are some simple rules for a Conscious War:

  • No nukes
  • No collateral loss of lives
  • No collateral property damage
  • War funding can only come from those who want to contribute and not national coffers

No nukes! Nuclear proliferation is a dead end for civilization. It’s not the kind of energy needed for the future and is too dirty and dangerous as we have seen at Chernobyl in Russia and now with Japan’s Fukashima disaster. Research on magnetism and gravity will reap much greater energy rewards anyway. Besides, nuclear fallout would void the collateral damage agreement as the radiation would spread beyond the battlefield and into the homes of the innocent. It’s time to take the stewardship of our planet serious and outlaw the use of nuclear weapons as another bad idea.

No collateral loss of lives. In order to comply, war will have to be held in certain Certified War Zones; areas on earth where warfare is to be carried out, whether it be some remote area in the Russian Tundra or between vacant oil pumping platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, where the inhabitants are handsomely remunerated for leaving the area and settling somewhere else while the countries who provided killing areas would also receive an extra stipend for their sacrifice. Some international war committee would have to be formed to determine where these areas are located and the penalties for waging conflict outside of these established areas.

No unauthorized property damage. Buildings that were hewn from the muscle of men will be untouched. Residences as well as places of business will not be affected physically unless they are somehow located in the war zone and have refused to leave because this is their home of because there’s money to be made on war and they are willing to risk their lives to protect the home they were paid to leave or to sell supplies to the combatants.

War funding would come from different sources but only voluntarily. Certified War Zones would include areas for hand to hand combat, shoot outs, hand grenade tossing, knife fights, bazooka fests, aerial bombings, and naval and air battles, all for the glory of war and the creation of pay television programming. That’s right; the war will now be broadcast on HBO or Showtime. With five or six different feeds, different methods of waging conflict will give viewers a choice of up-close, life and death competition and don’t think this wouldn’t be the most popular programming on television. “HBO brings you, war without end.” And the rights for programming for HBO or SHO would be exorbitant but would provide the rights to carry the war and it would be the most watched, for a while anyway, until people got disgusted and decided to outlaw war all together. In the mean time, war programming would top pro football easily and make it look like child’s play.

Scenes of war are no longer shown on television because it’s not a politically good idea to show the horrors of war as that raises the level of anti-war resistance to the program. Unfortunately, there are still enough people who want to re-enact and glorify war that would pay to be part of it from their living rooms. War veterans who have no choice but to continue to promote it to justify the sacrifice of lives that have been lost would be large contributors.

Of course, Las Vegas would also be involved by providing the venue for betting on the outcomes of each conflict and would give viewers a chance to chose sides and gamble on the knife fighter in Zone 3 or the naval battle in Zone 11. The TV contract would provide some, if not all of the money, to financially support the war effort and then there would be the T-shirts, board game and action figures to bring it all home.

But for what reason? The reasons for war are made to appear simple but the real reasons are always masked in deluded patriotism and are never questioned by those who are about to lay their lives on the line for the sake of duty and that, in way, is one of the noble characteristic of humans. Even if we may be misguided, we are willing to die to possibly advance human civilization. In the meantime, let’s take a step toward peace by taking a step toward Conscious War.

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