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Conscious Living

The two words, conscious living, may seem redundant. But, before that thought solidifies in your mind, see if you practice the following actions. Think about each question before you instantly let the answer cross the mind. Consciously think, then answer.

~Do you stay focused on the present...or does the mind drift frequently to the past or future?

~Do you see things as they really are or is your perception distorted by an unwillingness to see the truth?

~Are you open to learn something you assumed you knew from a different perspective?

~Are you truly aware of what guides you in making your choices in life or do have barriers?

~Do you truly want to expand your knowledge (there is an infinite amount to learn!) in order to help you grow?

Conscious living requires one to be able to accept complete responsibility for all their actions. Very often, circumstances or other people are blamed for negative experiences; however, how it is dealt with is a conscious choice. Life is not always easy. If it was, the ability or desire to advance humanity's existence would be at a stalemate. It is the people who have had the opportunity to face, overcome, and grow from the most challenging of circumstances that have made the most difference.

It is a common self-defense mechanism to blame someone else for our problems. It is an early instilled habit that makes the mind worry about the future or hold onto the past. It is easier to keep the "facts" as you have learned them than to perhaps ponder another perspective. The consequence of this type of mindset is that the longer it is practiced, the more likely one is to live on "auto-pilot". Before you realize it, you could be approaching the middle of your life and wonder where all the time went. Sound familiar?

To live in "auto-pilot" mode does not require much effort. It is simply a repetition of the routines instilled in the mind. Perhaps one who is in "auto-pilot" mode will occasionally wonder if there is more to life. A new thought may emerge from time to time. But, the excess baggage that has kept the mind in "auto-pilot" has to be discarded in order to get the plane off the ground. It is not initially easy if there is a lot of baggage to release. That action takes conscious effort.

It is imperative to do an honest assessment of yourself. Are you happy with who you are? If not, why? Do you have dreams, goals, or desires you want to pursue? If not, why? Are there changes you keep meaning to make in your life, but don't? If so, why not? Do you (be honest) blame others for your challenging experiences or do you take responsibility for your well-being?

If these questions are difficult to answer truthfully in your own mind, the concept of being truthful with others is nearly impossible.

Conscious living requires that you be honest with yourself...and others. Conscious living requires that you accept the good and the bad that life will always bring and actively face it. Conscious living gives you the courage and strength to make your dreams a reality. Conscious living takes boredom out of the mindset and brings a fresh perspective on life.

Take time to ponder these questions and thoughts that may cross your mind regarding your life. Your health, lifestyle, sense of well-being and more are all affected by your consciousness. What's more, what resides in the consciousness pales in comparison to what lies in the sub-conscious part of the mind.

This is the first of many articles to follow regarding conscious living. Take this article as a first step if you know, or are willing to admit, you are in "auto-pilot" mode to start your self-assessment. If you do live what you consider a conscious life, fabulous! Perhaps, a future article will provide you another "pearl" of knowledge to add to your ever-expanding foundation.

If you have a few more minutes to spare (you really do), take a moment to listen to "the purpose of feeling". Then, make a conscious choice to become more aware of who you truly are and can become.


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