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Conscious Life Expo: monthly seminars, no need to wait

Example of a Tibetan singing bowl, such as may be used at the Conscious Life Expo this Saturday.
Example of a Tibetan singing bowl, such as may be used at the Conscious Life Expo this Saturday.
Юкатан/Wikimedia Commons

For those who love going to the Conscious Life Expo, which is normally held in February and October, it seems hard to wait for these festivals, doesn’t it? The opportunities for learning of alternatives to the so-called “regular” way of life are enticing and leave people wanting more. Well, cheer up, holistic folks, because you are about to have your wishes fulfilled! The Conscious Life Expo seminars are coming to Los Angeles and you can have small doses of all the great things you long for.

The July seminar, “A Day of Healing”, to be held on this coming Saturday, the 26th, at the LAX Hilton (the usual location for this event), is a day aimed at healing every aspect of the person. Starting at 11 a. m. and wrapping up at 6 p.m., there will be speakers there to help participants deal with the wounds they bear. The best part? None of this needs to be run through any form of Obamacare or its accompaniment of paperwork and marathon phone calls.

The first speaker listed, Helaine Harris, will speak on “Healing Heart Wounds—Journey of Love”. In this session she will discuss the reality of the injuries to the emotional life people endure throughout their time on earth. We pick up many such wounds via our relationships and drag the baggage along for years. Her work involves assisting people to shed the past and strive on to a better life.

The next workshop listed, “Healing Through the Body”, will be conducted by Dr. Ling Rong Liang, a doctor of both Traditional Chinese medicine and a Professor of Qi Gong medicine. In this time, she will teach seminar-goers about how these modalities can be used to heal a number of physical ailments without the use of invasive methods or pharmaceuticals.

In the afternoon, there will be a demonstration and lecture, “Sound Healing” led by the team of Chris Rials-Seitz and Alby Reidy. This duo will employ such instruments as crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, drums, and rattles to generate healing frequencies. Ms. Rials-Seitz is involved with the Lakota Nation and was instrumental in the founding of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. She has a great deal of training and experience not only in the field of psychology but with is also a Certified Master Sound Healer. Her partner in this workshop, Alby Reidy, has trained with Ms. Rials-Seitz as well as under a variety of shamans, to bring healing to the those who seek sound therapy. A form of vibrational healing, this method has been known to even repair DNA.

The last session listed for the day is that of Vincent Genna: “Become Unstoppable.” His intention is to lead the attendees to examine their lives with the purpose of discovering the limits they put on their lives. Once you have found such barriers, he maintains, you can grant yourself the power to remove them. From that point onward, you become limitless in your abilities to change your life for the better.

To save a lot of money on this day, it’s wise to go online and buy your ticket ahead of time. Why wait until you get to the Hilton and pay twenty bucks more? After all, the Expo is all about making good choices in life to improve your situation, so start here:

Online, tickets are $75; at the door, $95. Parking is extra, as always. A good idea is to take public transit if at all possible or at least carpool.

For further details, see this site:

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