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Conquering our fears

Little Man with a Sword
Little Man with a Sword
D.P. Clarke

They stand side by side in a well known theme park not far from Orlando, Florida. Wooden and fierce-looking with drum sounds echoing strangely from within. In warm weather water geysers spray from their carved mouths. Adults find them an interesting photo spot, but to the young they are a potential source for nightmares. Yet, among the looming figures, a lone child wanders. At first he stands beside them, then he moves in front of them, and finally, with raised sword in hand, he turns to face them.

As when David faced Goliath, believers also need to conquer their fears.

What is fear? In the discipleship/Bible study The Royalty Principle: a Guide to Reigning in the Kingdom of Heaven, the author writes, “Negative fear is a stressful emotion which is triggered by a threat – either real or imagined. We all experience some fear during our lives, and negative fear is not bad if the threat is real. However, negative fear can also be associated with future events. In essence something that is unknown.”

One of the biggest fears believers have is sharing their faith. In a world that can be indifferent to Christianity at best, or even hostile, telling others about the saving grace provided by Lord Jesus may cause us to hesitate. This hesitation can be rooted in many things. Fear of rejection, fear of people in general, or fear of humiliation and looking foolish. These are fears of the unknown – something that hasn’t happened yet, and may never will. But, because of fear, more often than not we remain silent.

How can we conquer this fear of sharing the good news of salvation, or any other fears we may have? The little child in the true story above is a good example. First, we can identify what fears we walk with. Next, after acknowledging their existence, we can move in front of and distance ourselves from them. Then, we can turn and face them. Finally, we can slay them with our sword, which is the Word of God (Eph. 6:17).

What does the Word have to say about conquering fear? The antidote to fear is faith (Heb. 10:36 through Heb. 12:2), hope (Rom. 8:24-25), and our heavenly Father’s love (1 John 4:18-19). As we examine our fears in the light of God’s Word, we can be set free from them. There is another step to obtaining our freedom from fear and that is the breaking of negative reaction habits. After all, we are being loosed from things that have been with us all our lives. When we confront a former fear after being set free, there can be the tendency to react to it in the same way we always have. Recognizing old habit patterns, and changing our reactions to line up with the wisdom found in God’s Word, will also help us conquer fear.

As a fun exercise, can you identify where in Walt Disney World the six tiki figures are found?

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