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Conquer the seasonal weakness with beet powder

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You may not know it, but many elite athletes consider beet juice an extremely important part of their training regime.

When it comes to endurance sports, drinking the juice before their races allows athletes to load up on nitrate, which helps the muscles use oxygen more efficiently.

The red beet, Beta vulgaris, has been the subject of scientific studies for a while and for good reason.

It has been found that drinking beet juice significantly lowers blood pressure in a matter of hours, effectively lowering the risk of heart attack and stroke.

When it comes to physical effort, beet juice significantly lowers the demand for oxygen and allows an individual longer periods of activity than without supplementation.

Pines International is a maker of Beet Juice Powder Organic. This USDA certified organic beet juice powder mixes well with juice or water and saves you time and the hassle of juicing your own beets.

The author tried a sample and the results were instantaneous. Physical exertion was much easier to perform and sustained effort was easier to prolong. Recovery was noticeably faster than before using the powder.

The taste may not be the most desirable, but the convenience of using the powder combined with better well being is well worth reaching for this product.