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Conquer colds and flu this season in Atlanta


Fresh mint

Upper Respiratory viral infections are common during the fall and winter seasons.

Cold and flu viruses result in several types of symptoms such as nasal and chest congestion, sore throat, fever (flu), aches, pains, headaches (flu), sneezing (colds), itchy and /or watery eyes and fatigue.

Before you run down to your local pharmacy, consider giving your kidneys and liver a rest. Try herbs and natural products found in your localWhole Foods store,Natural Foods store or Co-op in Georgia to alleviate symptoms and fight viruses.

Herbs and products with antiseptic and antibiotic properties

Colloidal Silver (not for long term use) is a liquid which contains approximately 99.9% pure silver particles. When taken internally, colloidal silver is used to fight infection. Goldenseal is an herb which may be purchased in bulk, capsule or tablet form. This herb has antibiotic properties.  Garlic has antibiotic properties and may be found in your local produce section or purchased as a capsule or tablet. Clove and Eucalyptus are herbs with antiseptic properties.

Herbs and Vitamins that aid in immunity building

Vitamin A and C in capsule and tablet form and foods rich in these vitamins helps to strengthen the immune system. Raw Garlic or Garlic capsules or tablets are knownimmunity builders. An Echinacea and Goldenseal combination may be used to boost the immune system.

Herbs used for their expectorant properties

Hyssop also has antiviral properties. Red clover helps to drain accumulated toxins in the lymphatic system. Oregano contains carvacrol and thymol and Anise contain creosol and alpha-pinene, expectorants which help loosen phlegm.

Influenza is usually accompanied by fever

Elderberry is an herb that promotes sweating which may help to break a fever.

A Cough may be the first sign to others that you are suffering with a cold

Peppermint's oil contains menthol which reduces coughs and congestion. Peppermint can be found in bulk herb. Menthol is found in lozenger form.

You may use dried herbs to make tea. Purchase tea bags from your local health foods store or purchase a box of bagged teas from your local grocery store. Remove the staple from the bag or cut the bag open. Replace the tea with your herb of choice. Staple the top of the bag shut.

If you are under the care of a health care provider, schedule a consultation before starting self treatment. Take herbs as recommended by the product manufacturer, if purchasing herbal tablets or capsules. If purchasing bulk herbs, consult with the stores herbal expert. If symptoms persist or become worse consult a health care provider.

For more info: Visit your local Whole Foods store, Natural Foods store or co-op.