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Connecting with nature minutes from Randall Road

Big Timber Road Entrance
Big Timber Road Entrance
Amy Ahrens

The sun is shining through the trees. A father and his two sons race down a hill on their bicycles. You look out over the trees and forget you are just minutes away from home.

This is Burnidge Forest Preserve, part of the Forest Preserve District of Kane County. Located on the far northwest side of Elgin, this forest preserve is easily accessed from Route 20 and Randall Road.

Burnidge has a lot to offer, including camping in Paul Wolff Campground, horseback riding areas, hiking, fishing, and multiple picnic shelters.

The scenery is perfect for a long walk, on which you are sure to spot some wild life, nature at its finest, and perhaps a couple of friendly people.

With nearly nine total miles of trails, this area is not only great for hikers or recreational walkers, but runners and cyclists as well. Trails vary between paved, screened, and mowed, so terrain can fit the needs of any recreation seeker.

Despite the many positives that Burnidge has to offer, you will not deal with the crowding of larger forest preserves. On a long run, you may go miles without seeing anyone, until emerging from the trail to see photographers snapping spectacular shots of wildlife and a family in the parking lot preparing to walk the dog.

Whether spending the weekend camping at Paul Wolff, devoting the day to hiking and picnicking with the family, or dropping in for a run before the short drive to nearby stores to run errands, Burnidge is a great location to connect with nature and enjoy the quiet, relaxing atmosphere, all just a short drive from home.

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