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Connecting the dots…. From Benghazi to Baghdad

Thousands flee US backed ISIS army
Thousands flee US backed ISIS army
Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

We have all seen the repulsive stories and pictures of the results of the Obama doctrine in Iraq. From highways littered with dead to world cup beheadings. (This is our ball) With stories of the latest’s atrocities taking up all the broadcasts there is little time for probing questions and in depth reporting. The well known motto of nightly news is “if it bleeds it leads”.

The first question that immediately comes to mind is why the rebel group responsible, the ISIS referred to as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. Spelling is not one of Islamic groups’ strong suits but that doesn’t even match the acronym. That is because the group’s name is Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. (ISIS)

The next question is how did they become so strong to appear to be able to overcome the armies of Iraq? Recruits in the Muslim world are as numerous as fish in the sea but they need material to wage war. Where did they get the arms and supplies to overpower the material we supplied the Iraqi government forces with? Who made and supplied them with the means to wage war? Their weapon of choice is not the common Kalashnikov (AK-47) but the US army issue M-1. The fact is they are also using AN/PVS-7 night vision goggles, US made RPG’s or man pads, Humvees and even US Army uniforms and body armor.

Some of this equipment can be attributed to defeated Iraq forces but they would have needed weapons to get these. Could the answer lie in their name? Islamic State of Iraq and Syria? Who would be stupid enough to supply weapons to Muslim extremist in Syria? Our own president Obama, State department Hillary and CIA head John Brenna. (Arming Rebels)Don’t forget the Benghazi attack on the CIA arms warehouses which was not an embassy annex. The well planned attack described as a spontaneous demonstration garnered two large stashes of American weapons destined for Syria.

We were told arming the extremists in Syria was the alternative to allowing Obama to send troops. We also know the most transparent thing about this administration is how often they lie. As the rebels were losing the war could this have been the winds of change when Obama would stand behind Muslims as stated in Audacity of Hope? Could it have been an act of contrition for Brenna to his reputed new found religion? (Brenna) As for Hillary “what difference – at this point, what difference does it make”?

For us to find the truth about what is happening in Iraq it will take intrepid reporters with accesses to the military. Not White House ventriloquist dummies or those cowered into submission by IRS audits or phone taps. It would take someone like Michael Hastings. The same one who broke the story of Bowie Bergdahi so often referenced these days. Except he can’t, he died while working on a story about John Brenna in a fiery crash. Driving his Mercedes he feared was tampered with.

Keep this all in mind as you watch the leads bleed onto your screens. Observe the equipment used and watch for the little tags that say MADE IN USA, imported from Benghazi.

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