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Connecticut School Shooting: A Time to Mourn

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The devastating news coming out of Connecticut grabbed onto the hearts of every parent today. I do mean every parent. The Facebook news feeds showed parent after parent wanting to leave work to go to their children's school and hug them. People in other nations are pausing and crying.

A friend of mine in a conference with pastors in Uganda witnessed these Ugandan ministers and parents. They paused to pray for our country and our kids.

I say our kids, because that's what we feel.

I've never even visited Connecticut, but my heart tells me, this could happen anywhere. It does happen in other countries.

As we watch the videos and read the reports, we cry. We feel filled with sorrow for the young children who got attacked, those who lived and those who didn't. We weep for their families.

There is no good excuse, no good reason for this attack. No matter what we learn about the shooter, his family, and his history, there is still no good reason to shoot children.

Still, we will search. We will fight. We will scream. And, we will continue to cry.

Whether we find something to settle our minds in the future or not doesn't matter now, because today is a time to mourn. A time to mourn the loss of these beautiful creations of God for whom one person lacked compassion.

It's a time to mourn those who haven't learned a value for life.

It's a time to mourn families who have been damaged today.

You have our prayers and our compassion. We are so sorry this happened.

May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace.

1 Corinthians 1:3