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Connecticut man fakes death to get out of marrying his girlfriend

British student Alex Lanchester was devastated when she discovered her American fiance was dead. Funny thing, though ...

Let's be clear on this point: in spite of what you may have heard, Tucker Blandford is a saint among men. Recent libelous reports from the United Kingdom have made the Connecticut resident out to be a selfish child, purely because he broke off his engagement with his fiance by convincing her he was dead. That's simply not the case. Poor Tucker is simply a romantic who was hoping to preserve his former fiance's emotional state as best he could.

It all started a year or so ago, when Brit Alexandra Lanchester was working in the campus cinema of Connecticut University as part of a year abroad. It was there that she ran into Tucker, a set painter (which is apparently a thing you can do …). The attraction was instant. "He was such a gentleman," Alex told the Mirror. "He showered me with jewellery. We would go out for a posh dinner on the 10th of every month to celebrate the day we got together."

On Alex's last day in the states, Tucker proposed to her and planned to visit her in the United Kingdom. Alex was ecstatic. She began planning their wedding, going so far as to find a wedding gown, purchase invitations, hire a photographer and pick out bridesmaid's dresses. In mid-March, though, just a week before Tucker was due for a visit, the phone call came.

"Alex," the voice came across somberly. "This is Tucker’s dad. There’s no easy way to say this… I am sorry to say that Tucker is dead." The news caught Lanchester like a blow to the stomach. Even worse, Blandford's father explained that Tucker had been depressed and "had thrown himself in front of a car." The man she loved, the man who'd showered her with presents and affection, had committed suicide. Lanchester was naturally devastated. When she called Blandford's mother, however, to express her condolences and find out more about the accident, Mrs. Blandford had absolutely no clue what Alex was talking about. Apparently, Tucker Blandford was alive and well (and the fiance thing was also news).

It was at this point that Alex realized that Tucker's father's voice had sounded awfully familiar. As it turned out, Tucker had pretended to be his dad when he phoned Alex. It was the simplest way he knew to call off the couple's impending wedding (besides, you know, honesty).

And, for some reason, the media has begun attacking this poor fellow, despite the brilliance inherent in his plan. You see, Tucker Blandford may claim he was scared, that "things were moving too fast," and that could very well be true, but the gift he gave Alex was so sweet that she really does owe him a favor.

You see, Blandford would have to be a total moron (complete and total) to assume that phoning Alex in England and telling her that the love of her life was dead would simply be the end of it. He had to have known she'd eventually find out about his ruse and that, upon discovering Tucker's lie, she would be instantly angry. That anger would replace any sorrow or feelings of dejection Alex might feel. After all, who wouldn't feel lucky to escape a life with a guy so selfish that he's willing to fake his own death to get out of "the talk."

Even better for her, Alex has a new found outlook on relationships. "All I ever did was love him," she said. "After this I’m not sure I can trust a man ever again." That's great news! Men suck. We're stupid, selfish and wholly untrustworthy. It was sweet of Tucker to offer that lesson as a parting gift. The least Alexandra Lanchester can do is say thank you.

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