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Connected to Haiti - A Weekend Challenge

We are in the midst of winter while in Haiti the temperatures will soar into the ninety’s today. In Madison, just under 2000 miles from Port-au-Prince, the high will be just above freezing. The local news carries stories of the carnage and grief sweeping the island nation. They also air and print the human interest stories of families in Wisconsin who have loved ones returning or stranded in the earthquake zone.

Most of those in the news who are in Haiti are missionaries or humanitarian workers. Most of those who have reached the safety of home insist that they want to return with the needed supplies to render aid. In one instance a group of nurses has just returned a day before the quake hit. (NBC15, UPDATE: Devastation in Haiti: Wisconsin Connections)

Your challenge over the weekend is to find out how you can act locally to aid globally. As Evangelicals we know that “every man’s death diminishes me.” Ask your church leadership what you are doing to help. We are supposed to be the people that the world can count on for compassion and mercy. We can get our church to respond or we can respond personally. The point is that we should have a reputation for action. Examine yourself Madison, and tell me what you think.



  • Laura 5 years ago

    Thanks for the encouragement, Mike. This is the first time I've responded with money to a natural disaster and I must admit I feel much more connected to it and encouraged for the future because I now I did something to help. Your article is a nice confirmation for me that I am being the hands and feet of Christ, even as far away as Madison, Wisconsin.

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