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Connect with your kids daily: Build a fort

Kids love to have their own special place to go, probably due in part to the fact that they tend to get little privacy from their parents (which is a very good thing, parents!). One way that you can connect with your kids and help them achieve that sense of privacy in a safe way is by building a fort with them.

A fort can be whatever you and your kids choose to make it. It can be built indoors or outdoors. It can be temporary, such as a pillow and blanket fort in the living room, or it can be permanent, like a tree house or other structure. The important thing is that you and your kids work together on the project.

Allow them to direct some of the building, at least to the extent that this is safely possible. If you have multiple children, try to carve out a special project for each of them. For example, if you are building an indoor fort, have one child arrange the chairs while another gathers blankets and sheets to drape over them. This will help boost your children's confidence as they are given clear and simple goals that they are able to work towards.

Building a fort does not have to be a long and involved project. It can be as simple as you make it. Again, the point is to connect with your kids each day, no matter how busy life gets. Taking time for them will show them that you care and that they really are the most important thing in your life.

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