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Connect print and digital communications with QR code marketing

Example of customized QR code that features a company logo.
Example of customized QR code that features a company logo.
Shel Moore of Moore Than SEO

In today's world, most of us are not strangers to some kind of bar code being present on all manner of packages, foods, and other products. However, there is one code that's been picking up promotional steam over the past decade and many smart marketers have put it to good use in their creative marketing efforts. It's known by techie marketers as the QR code, (Quick Response code) and is a machine readable code that appears in a unique pattern of large and small black squares. Most of these QR codes are easily read by a variety of free apps on popular smart phones.

The QR code offers businesses a concise and intriguing graphic for delivering enhanced brand messaging and information. QR codes can easily link to business web pages and social media profiles. They are used on digital and print media to connect prospects to relevant online resources with ease and encourage mobile browsing, which is already at an all-time high. For those who wish to elevate their marketing using this creative technology, here are some of the innovative and useful ways these codes are used by leading companies.

• Promote business social media pages with unique QR codes - integrate these codes into related memes, cover art graphics, and custom headers to feature some exclusive content, community membership, or even a useful how to article.

• Connect printed promotional materials - like mailers, flyers, and counter signage to digital presentations, web pages, discount offers, and more.

• Include a QR code on the backside of business cards to drive visitors to a LinkedIn or Facebook page, an overview video, or just about anything imaginable.

• Include QR codes on direct mail pieces and postcards. Use in product manuals and on all marketing literature and advertisements.

• Feature QR codes on signage at trade shows, storefronts, real estate promotion, and any other situation that would benefit from a prospect's ability to get access to detailed information that helps to close sales.

• Have a QR code treasure hunt in your company's product catalog or blog.

• Put a QR code on the back of branded t-shirts, on laminated stickers, and small cards for guerrilla marketing in locations where opportunities arise.

• Integrate QR codes throughout press kits for delivery of in-depth information, such as specifications, case studies, and video testimonials for editorial review.

• Work with an experienced graphic designer to customize or brand the appearance of QR codes used in marketing.

It's easy to think of clever ways to integrate the QR code into nearly every form of marketing for business promotion. However, it's critically important to test each code before it's used in any promotion. There are a number of free apps available for a variety of smart phones. Consider downloading QRready or QuickScan for iPhone for personal use as well as testing.

Finally, for those who are interested in starting their own QR code programs, be certain to check out the large number of free and paid resources currently available for generating custom QR codes online. Get started by visiting a few today at,, or

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