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Conn. state police seek to question Vanderboegh in gun dispute

Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Mallory.
Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Mallory.
Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

The Connecticut State Police has contacted citizen reporter and gun rights blogger Mike Vanderboegh in Alabama, indicating they wish to question him about sending an empty gun magazine to the Connecticut governor.

Vanderboegh initiated a campaign in December called "Toys for Totalitarians," during which the governors of anti-gun states, state legislators and other politicians, and gun control advocates in the mainstream media were sent standard sized magazines which have been banned in a handful of states.

Apparently Gov. Dannel P. Mallory, D-Conn., was not amused. The state police went through the trouble of attempting to contact Vanderboegh way down in Jefferson County, Alabama.

But when the phone call was ignored, Vanderboegh states that a Jefferson County Sheriff's Department deputy was sent to his door to personally deliver a message to Vanderboegh that the Conn. State Police wish to question him.

Here is part of Vanderboegh's description of these events:

A very polite and mildly amused Jefferson County deputy just came to my door to give me a message. A certain Detective Goocher at the Connecticut State Police wishes me to call him. ASAP. The note gives me his phone number. Obviously he hasn't read my blog post of this morning. Or perhaps he has and he just doesn't want to put anything down in writing.

And what exactly did Vanderboegh say in his blog post this morning? The text of Vanderboegh's email to the Conn. officer is as follows:

To the official of the Connecticut State Police who attempted to call me last night:

Yeah, your caller ID showed up on my television screen, so yes, I deliberately ignored you. There were a couple of reasons for this. Number one, although I would have loved to get your voice on tape (Alabama is a one party state), I was upstairs and my recording equipment is downstairs. Number two, you called quite late at the end of a long and fatiguing day and frankly I just wasn't in the mood for whatever tyranneau games you were attempting to play. (Tyranneau is my new favorite French word. It means "petty tyrant." Something you Connecticut bureaucrats are getting pretty good at with your own people these days.)

However, if you still wish to communicate with me you may send me an email or drop me an official letter to my post office box.

If you're trying to guess why so few of your citizens are complying with the new unconstitutional law that you have been tasked to enforce (a thankless and dangerous job at best) you don't need me to figure that out. Think REAL hard. Then try to comprehend the titanic forces you are childishly and recklessly playing around with. Even an obtuse dictator-wannabe like Malloy should be able to grok the first. That he he doesn't understand the second is plain from his actions. And, I might add, it is equally plain that CSP officials don't get it either, given your slavish compliance to a plainly tyrannical and unconstitutional law. You DO recall that oath you took, right?

However, I am ready to answer whatever stupid questions you have. Just don't call me in the middle of the night.

In a related matter, gun owners in New York State who were joined by gun rights activists in 25 states fired a symbolic shot at high noon today to protest the first anniversary of the state's draconian and unconstitutional gun control laws.

Participants state that the firing of the shots was purely symbolic.


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