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Conn. Police: confiscating guns from innocent citizens with alcoholic problems

CT Police seize guns of recovering alcoholic and ignore Second Amendment
photo credit - Facebook

The Founding fathers would be turning in their graves if they saw how far astray police have gone in making an earnest attempt to steal The Constitutional gun rights they fought and died for. Yet right in the state of Connecticut state police moved quickly to seize the legal weapons of a gun owner because he was a recovering alcoholic, according to Infowars. The chill down the spine of legitimate weapon owners has to be felt in a way not seen since before the beginning of the Revolutionary War. And yet here it is.

There is nothing quite so offensive as having authorities that have already gone on record as needing less than legal excuses to go into a person’s home to confiscate legitimately owned weapons, so Jonathan Hall, a recovering alcoholic made darned certain that he used Facebook as the one weapon he had to notify friends and family that the police would be on their way.

Hall even posted a picture on his Facebook page which displayed his legal weapons that were in his room. On his page he stressed, “My guns being seized by the CT state police.” He also commented, “Well Connecticut state police are on their way to seize all of my firearms… what the f..k happened to my 2nd amendment. … this is unjustified. … and this is no bulls..t either…. they are really on their way with a court order for me to hand over my firearms!” reported Infowars.

The legal authorities for the state of Connecticut seems to believe that a person is an alcoholic is the line in their ever moving sand where Second Amendment right s have no meaning and certainly no value. The reason they have offered up is that Hall may “become depressed,” and therefore under state law, “police can seize weapons and hold them for up to a year if an individual is deemed to pose a risk of “imminent personal injury to self or others,” according to Infowars.

This has to be somewhat suspect since the state police have been moving to implement the gun confiscation program which became effective on January 1st this year. The registration of semi-automatic high capacity magazines is being refused by a majority of gun owners in the state, so what is left is kicking down doors and perhaps ripping them away because gun owners may be acting depressed.

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