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Conn. high school student stabbed to death: Prom rejection reported motive

High school student stabbed to death after declining an invitation to the prom by a 16-year-old boy.
High school student stabbed to death after declining an invitation to the prom by a 16-year-old boy.

A high school student was stabbed to death just as classes started this morning in a Milford, Connecticut high school. Maren Sanchez, 16, was reportedly stabbed by a fellow 16-year-old student after the boy had asked her to the prom tonight and she declined the invitation, according to ABC News on April 25.

Sanchez was in the hallway of Jonathan Law High School when she was brutally stabbed about the neck area. Faculty ran to the wounded student to help, with one staff member at the high school holding her head in her lap until the EMT’s arrived.

Sanchez was transported to Bridgeport Hospital, but her wounds were too severe and she died at the hospital. Friends of Sanchez told Fox News live that Marion was in the hallway when the 16-year-old male student approached her and asked her if she would attend the prom with her tonight. When Marion said no, the boy took out a knife and “slashed her in the throat.”

According to the Hartford Courant today, some of the students and a faculty member witnessed this fatal attack. The boy, who remains unnamed at this time, was taken into custody by the school’s security officer. A press conference was held at the high school on Friday and the school was closed for the day and the prom was also postponed.

Milford Chief of Police Keith Mello said that Sanchez’s injuries were “severe” and they were visible “around the neck area.” Milford Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Elizabeth Feser said that the Jonathan Law High School community is mourning the loss of Maren Sanchez, a girl who was “respected” and “loved” by her peers and staff at the school. She was an academic achiever and also excelled in sports. Sanchez was also a member of the National Honor Society.

The male student who stabbed Sanchez is in custody. Monday the court will decide if he will be charged as an adult or juvenile in the murder of this young girl.

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