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Conn. Gov. candidate asks 3-time sex offender for endorsement, gets it

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Connecticut gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley asked for the endorsement of a convicted sex offender this week during one of his man-on-the-street interviews that he broadcasts on his campaign website. The interview has become an embarrassment to Foley and is a prime example of why many of the "spur-of-the-moment" talk sessions between politicians and the average Joe are actually screened in advance.

Raw Story reported June 21 that the businessman and former ambassador to Ireland has been filming "Talk With Tom," a series of impromptu interviews with people he meets on the street.

Candidate Foley and his crew were filming Friday when they chanced upon Jerry Buchanan, an unemployed property overseer, who not only taped the minute-and-thirty-six-second video but learned that Buchanan found Foley an acceptable replacement for sitting incumbent Gov. Daniel P. Malloy.

When Foley asks the man, who vociferously denounces the "liberals who want to tax people to death" if he's going to vote in November, Buchanan enthusiastically replies, "I’m going to vote for Mr. Tom Foley. ”

Foley laughs.

But he and his campaign are in no laughing mood now. In fact, they're removing the video from the campaign website, they say. And for good reason.

As the CT Post reported, the man to whom Foley was talking, Jerry Buchanan, was a 54-year-old convicted sex offender. State records indicate that Buchananserved three months in prison in 2006 for three separate sex-assault misdemeanors

Tom Foley's spokesperson, Chris Cooper, explained that the videos are spontaneous and not pre-screened. He added, “The only information we get about the subjects comes from what they provide on tape in a two or three minute interview about their views on Connecticut."

Foley is running to gain the Republican nomination in the Conn. governor's race against state Senate Minority Leader John McKinney. He was appointed ambassador in Ireland in 2006 by President George W. Bush and unsuccessfully ran for governor in 2010, where he lost the general election to now Gov. Malloy.