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Conjoined whales: First documented case of rare conjoined gray whale calves

Conjoined whales found in California waters came as an exciting find for marine biologists even before the gray whale calves were brought ashore. This rare conjoined occurrence has never been documented in gray whales. While scientists have seen and documented other incidents of conjoined whales, this is a first for this species, according to The Inquisitr on Jan. 7.

Conjoined whales are an exciting find for researchers in California.
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The underdeveloped conjoined whale calves were found dead floating in Scammon’s Lagoon in Baja, California. Scientists believe they may have been a product of a miscarriage because of their small size.

Typically a baby gray whale will be 12 to 16 feet at birth and these conjoined whales were only about seven feet long. The discovery is exciting because marine biologists can examine and document this very rare occurrence.

Conjoined fin, minke and sei whales have been documented in the past, but never gray whale calves, making this a significant find. Gray whales reach lengths of about 50 feet and weigh up toward 40 tons when they mature.

These whales are now protected by international law. They were listed as endangered species up until recently when their species was upgraded to “recovered.”

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