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Conjoined twins separated, set to leave Texas hospital

Owen and Emmitt Ezell are released from Medical City Children's Hospital
Owen and Emmitt Ezell are released from Medical City Children's Hospital
Medical City Children's Hospital

Conjoined twins separated last summer will be released from a Dallas hospital they have called home since birth.

Officials at Medical City Children's Hospital say the 9-month-old boys born joined at the abdomen will be released Wednesday to a local inpatient rehabilitation center.

Owen and Emmett Ezell were separated at the hospital last August in a nine-hour surgery. The babies shared a liver and intestines.

The boys are no longer being fed intravenously but continue to be fed through tubes in their abdomens. And instead of being hooked to breathing machines, they now need only the assistance of a trachea tube.

David Ezell, the father of the twins, told ABC News the family is relieved the babies are leaving the hospital but they’re nervous, too.

“I’ll finally have my family together but we are about to face some serious challenges,” he said. “The really frightening life-or-death stuff is behind us but now we worry how about how we are going to pull the rest of it off.”

In the rehab facility, the Ezells will learn to juggle diaper duty with cleaning tracheal tubes, managing the home ventilator that helps the babies breathe and working with the boys on rehabilitation exercises. Mother, Jenni Ezell said the task is daunting but that she’s looking forward to caring for her children without relying on a team of doctors and nurses for help.

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