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Conjoined twins have 2 heads, share body: Mother too distraught to see babies

Conjoined twins born to an Indian woman last week share one body but have two heads. The conjoined twins were born in a rural area, but have been transported to a top hospital in India. The parents were unaware of their conjoined twins because they are too poor to have had an ultrasound done during the woman’s pregnancy, reports ABC News on March 17.

Conjoined twins born in India have two heads and one body.
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Conjoined twins are rare, but many different levels of twins conjoined at birth have been seen in the past. Some are easily separated, but others are not. The twins born last week have one body and two heads. They share a heart and a stomach, but they each have one lung, their own neck, spine, esophagus and trachea.

Dr. Shikha Malik was the doctor who delivered the babies and today she is helping the family. She said that most of the vital organs of these twins are shared. The doctor said that the baby on the right-hand-side of the body is “growing much stronger” than the baby on the left-hand-side.

The babies' behaviors are different, as one will be sleeping the other will cry. The parents, Urmila and Subhash Sharma are “coming to terms” with the birth of their conjoined daughters.

The mother is regaining her strength, the doctor said she is mentally drained and has not yet felt strong enough to see her babies, although she has seen a picture of the girls. The family is poor and the father said he will spend every cent he earns to care for the babies.

The conjoined twins combined weight was 7lbs., 7ozs. at birth. Because they share the same body it is impossible to separate the twins. For now they will remain in the hospital so they can be monitored around the clock.

While a separation is impossible right now, a full investigation will reveal if the twins will be able to be separated one day.

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