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Congressman threatens reporter: 'I'll break you in half'

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Congressman Michael Grimm threatened to push a reporter off the balcony in the United States Capitol Building Tuesday after he asked Grimm about his developing campaign financing scandal, according to Yahoo News, Jan. 29, 2014. Grimm, who had just completed a short interview with Mike Scotto of NY1 on the evening of President Obama's State of the Union Address, stepped outside and then re-emerged into the camera frame to threaten Scotto. Grimm complained to Scotto that the question about his campaign financing was not a valid question. Grimm threatened to 'break" Scotto "in half" and to "throw" Scotto "over this balcony."

Scotto then told Grimm that he "just wanted to know" and that his question was, in fact, valid. Grimm responded by telling Scotto that he was "not man enough" and that he would "break" him "in half like a boy."

Grimm Apologizes:

On Wednesday Grimm called Scotto and apologized for his behavior, claiming that he had let his emotions "get the better" of him and cause him to "lose his cool." Scotto accepted the apology and stated that he felt that Grimm was sincere when he apologized.

However, NY1 Director Bob Hardt was less forgiving, calling Grimm's behavior "unacceptable."

Republicans in trouble:

Grimm's episode is one of a series of political troubles that have been plaguing Republican politicians lately, most notably Governor Chris Christie (R,NJ) with his "Bridgegate" scandal and accusations of collusion in the management of Sandy Hurricane relief funds . Former Governor Bob McDonnell (R,Va) and his wife are facing charges of accepting over $160,000 in gifts from a prominent Virginia businessman.



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