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Congressman Ryan Blames President Obama for American Decline

Will America be better off without President Obama? According to vice-presidential hopeful Congressman Paul Ryan before a large audience at Carroll College, Waukesha, WI, President Obama failed America these past four years through inept leadership, poor judgement, and an inability to understand traditional American values.

Ryan points to Obama’s policies as out of touch with the way the economy works. “You don’t overtax people to make the country run. You lower taxes to encourage job growth. Higher taxes aren’t the answer. Less Federal government spending is needed.”

Ryan also criticized Obama for crippling Medicare. “Obama has channeled 780 million dollars from the medicare fund into Obamacare. He is double-dipping by essentially robbing from Medicare to support Obamacare. Both are sure to fail under the President’s plan”, Ryan said.

He blames President Obama for exporting jobs overseas. “President Obama single-handedly stopped the Keystone pipeline project where oil would be imported from Canada. That would have created thousands of jobs for Americans and bring the price of gasoline down. Instead, the oil will be exported overseas along with the jobs tied to it.”

Americans can no longer suffer the current president’s poor fiscal policies that have already indentured their grandchildren to a lower standard of living laments Ryan: “We can’t afford four more years of Obama's failures."


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