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Congressman Mo Brooks takes on Chris Matthews at MSNBC

The Office of Congressman Mo Brooks notified Hank Richards at the Huntsville Examiner of Brooks' position on House efforts to force the President to obey the law.

Meet Congressman "MO" Brooks
Edited for the Examiner by Hank Richards with PRonlineNews at (256) 738-8077

Constitutional Congressman Mo Brooks, an Alabama Republican, appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews and Congressman Jim Clyburn, a South Carolina Democrat, to discuss the House vote authorizing legal action against President Obama for unlawful actions.

Their discussion was extremely heated and one for the public to remember.

Congressman Brooks’ key talking points follow:

“First, let's be clear. Speaker John Boehner, President Barack Obama, that's the little picture. The big picture, as if you look at history with Richard Nixon, Johnson in Vietnam, and any number of actions that have ensued since then and that will ensue in the future, is whether there is anything that can be done by the House of Representatives or by Senate to make sure that a president obeys the law.”

“And this will be binding going forward, so if you happen to have a Democrat House or Democrat Senate or Republican president, it cuts both ways.

But I think it’s important to our constitutional process to be able to establish what the House and Senate cannot do, vis-a-vis the separation of powers, with the President of the United States. So the bigger picture going forward is this is very much bipartisan.”

Congressman Brooks welcomes your remarks and can be contacted through his Washington, DC office at (202) 225-4802 or visit his website to find a local district office.


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