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Congressman Matt Salmon stands for liberty and freedom

This reporter had the rare pleasure for a one-on-one meeting with his Congressman very recently. His Gilbert office was welcoming, and maybe a little intimidating like Flake’s and McCain’s but besides a town hall meeting he offered this kind of personal meeting.

From his Gilbert office
Darell Tapp

It was a long wait only because he went over on the five minute time slots in almost every case. It was because he wanted to come to some kind of agreement with everyone. In my case we were in agreement on everything including wearing the same kind of boots, as his assistants pointed out in the hall prior to entering his office. Adam Deguire, chief of staff sat in on the meeting and took this picture.

Upon my suggestion that Congress will eventually accept the advancement of technology by using it to keep members of Congress in their local office almost exclusively, via video conference, Deguire added “voting would be live in a town hall setting.” It will make members available to their constituents and not the lobbyists.

Salmon votes along the lines of the Constitution unlike Reps in other parts of the valley. He’s not just a Republican he stands for the same freedoms and liberties as the Libertarians. On his desk is a set of handmade tablets of the 10 commandments given to him by Barry Hess, Libertarian 2014 candidate for governor.

Matt Salmon scored 100% on Freedom works and Club for Growth scorecards for 2013 but also was the only Arizonian Representative with a 100% lifetime rating earning him the Defender of Economic Freedom award. “If we had more pro-economic growth fighters like him serving in Congress toady, America would be a better place.”

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