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Congressional Malfeasance

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When the sequester was passed last year little did those heartless Republicans realize that the whole economy was going to suffer. In the name of budget and government spending reductions they have failed like so many other times to take into account the enormity of how those cuts would negatively affect the United States. When they failed to extend unemployment benefits at a time of the year when a more benevolent tone usually emerges they in turn epitomized Ebenezer Scrooge. They also failed with heartless abandonment to realize that the sequester but on hold the much needed funding for all those fuel assistant programs that do help people keep the fires burning in heating their homes during the cold winter months. With this latest Polar Vortex this past week only accelerated the need to keep those home fires burning. But, with so many funding cuts that have hindered and halted the many programs that do alleviate the hardships of heating costs and keeping food on the table these heartless Republicans continue their onslaught against the poor. Never before in the history of our country has a legislative body been so antagonistic toward the very people they are supposed to represent.

One of the biggest concerns today is even if our most benevolent Congress restores the unemployment benefits the millions whose incomes were disrupted too many will still be unable to recover. And, now with the latest endeavor by the present Administration to focus on the 50th year anniversary of the "War on Poverty" comes a little to late. The rate of poverty has only accelerated with each legislative bill that has been passed during all those 50 years. The War has been lost. Yet, our most trusted leaders of state continue their denial that the economy is growing. It's growing alright but in the wrong direction.

Remember that old saying “What we don’t know can’t hurt you” little did we know that today that phrase has taken on a whole new context. Now, what we don't know actually does contribute great harm not only individually but as a whole nation. Today, what is going on behind congressional chambers where more wheeling and dealing goes on that makes those Wall Street bankers petty in comparison continues to undermine the solvency and stability of this nation. It is what we don’t know and are not aware of in those hollowed halls on Capital Hill that has ruined our country, decimated our savings, undermined morality, killed our sons and daughters in foreign wars and maimed millions more. If we had known what was transpiring behind closed doors maybe just maybe our industries would not have become so lucrative for foreign investment where millions and millions of middle wage jobs just vanished, avoid destroying the rule of law and end imposed fraudulent taxation that has only widened the income disparity gap. In the end what has gone on has only managed to dehumanize the U.S. Congress who for years now have shown contempt for practically every American, our many cultures, our nations health and our financial well being.

Questions have arisen out of the discord in Washington. One that has come to light in just the last few years. Does Congress, the President, the Supreme Court and the thousands of appointed bureaucrats have a loyalty or reverence for something other than the American public? Is our culture so deeply rooted in the fixation of garnishing more wealth, power and control? Has our political system decayed in a self serving bureaucracy where corruption only begets more corruption? The answer to all these is an undeniable yes. Our whole system of governess has succumbed to the lowest common denominator.

It is that common denominator that continues to manifest into a juggernaut of inequality and oppression over the populace of this nation. Where a political process has become so fixated in obtaining vast amounts of wealth only perpetuates a growing corruption not only in the political system but in the governing as well. The results are so obvious but for so many who are victimized by this system it is impossible to remedy or alter the political process that has caused so much adversity.

One once said that to change the game that is played where populations lives and livelihoods are at stake one has to first get into the game, play the game and then win the game in order to change the game where all the people will benefit from the changes made. But, what we have seen for too long those with good intentions to change the political process {the game] only end up in playing the game become corrupted by the game and not being able to change the game even when he wins the game. For the past 45 years this has been the way the game has been played.

When this happens and it is happening all the time now regardless whether a congressional seat or the President who ever gets into the political fray becomes corrupted and thus displays a malfeasance toward their constituents. Congressional malfeasance and even Presidential miss judgements that has continued to thwart any chance of pulling this country together have always prevailed. It was Abraham Lincoln that said " A nation divided cannot stand." What we are witness to is a divided nation that has only become more divided. A national sense of purpose has eluded the public for far too long. When there is a miscarriage of not just justice but a lack of common sense and compassion toward those in need by our leaders of state creates a tempest of frustration that we are seeing today signals that this countries future is clouded with uncertainty.


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