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Congressional candidate Brenda Z. Page reflects on 2009

Brenda Z. Page
Brenda Z. Page
Page for Congress

Brenda Z. Page is an attorney at Page Law Firm in Houston, Texas.  She is a Republican currently running against John Faulk and Tex Christopher for Sheila Jackson Lee's seat in the 18th Congressional District in Houston

She shares with voters her reflections on 2009 and looks forward to the 2010 election cycle and the future of her campaign, her state, and her country.

As we enter this new year, a year of hope and the promise of potential change, perhaps a look backward will help guide us on our path.

The year 2009 brought us news of a new president.  One who, myself and others, believe has cost the American public much.

In 2009, we became over 12 trillion dollars in debt.  This is up over 2 trillion from the Bush presidency and does not include the public healthcare bill looming in our future which threatens to add another trillion dollars to our debt.    

In 2009, despite campaign promises to the contrary, Congress and the Obama administration closed its doors to transparency, denying the American public access to traditional conference committee processes and even to view legislation until less than 24 hours before a House vote.  

In 2009, we had two terrorist attacks on American soil:  Ft Hood and NW Flt 263.

However, as America’s government seems to be moving the country further away from democracy, other nations appear to be moving further right, to become democracies. 

In 2009, the American people renewed their patriotism and exercised their Constitutional rights. Conservative Americans (estimated at over 1 million people) marched on Washington DC to express their dissatisfaction with their government. 

In 2009, the Honduran people ousted their President when he tried to change the Honduran Constitution. Hondurans had a right to oust their leader under their Constitution.  

In 2009, the Iranian people went to the streets to rebel against tyranny and corrupt election practices. The incumbent leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has been widely criticized for a laundry list of bad acts, including human rights violations and his call to have Israel “wiped off the map” of Jerusalem (2005).  

Page's website outlines her plan for good government and conservative values. You can learn more about Brenda Page, candidate, at Texas GOP Vote. You can also support her run against Sheila Jackson Lee.

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