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Congress Vs. Video Games

Obama signs gun control
Obama signs gun control
Smodevilla/Getty Images

Well. It's happening.

In case you missed it, yesterday President Barack Obama commissioned Congress to investigate the link between violence in youths and video games. Under the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the task force itself will be led by Vice President Joe Biden.

Within this commission from the President are twenty-three 'suggestions' -- many of which involve hot-topic cultural issues, like gun control and mental illness. Specifically, Obama is requesting $10 million to be allocated to the study of violent media.

All of this, of course, has come to light in the wake of the Sandy Hook tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

It should also be noted that, according to the Washington Times, video games themselves are receiving little attention from the President, since they are somewhat embedded within these 23 suggestions to Congress. Firearm restrictions and mental health are more prominently featured in his commission to Congress.

We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available.


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