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Congress votes to end Obama's airport furloughs

Making it hurt
Making it hurt

Were FAA air traffic controller furloughs allowed in order to make Americans suffer?

Apparently, it took an 'act of congress' to end the national nightmare.

The article, Dreaded furlough-caused flight delays coming to an end, by Bart Jansen, USA TODAY, states, "The House cleared legislation Friday that allows the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to shift $253 million from other accounts to end furloughs that began Sunday. The vote was 361-41. The Senate approved it Thursday night."

Referring to the recent vote of Congress to end airport furloughs, Jansen summarizes, "stop this needless pain on the American traveling public and the economy."

Sequestration cuts have been described as 'indiscriminate.' The article by Amanda Terkel and Sam Stein, In Flight Delays, Cable Finds A Sequestration Story Worth Covering, suggests that the cuts have affected low income families. Cuts are described as "food pantries have closed, contractors have been furloughed, unemployment benefits have been reduced, low-income children have lost their Head Start spots and national parks have had to reduce their offerings. Low-income Americans have been hit particularly hard by many of these indiscriminate cuts." Other cuts listed are "medicare patients getting turned away from cancer clinics" and "Meals on Wheels."

The Terkel/Stein article points out that FAA air traffic controller furloughs have received the most attention of all cuts for multiple reasons, adding, "There are also safety concerns related to having fewer air traffic controllers watching the skies."

The sequestration cuts are puzzling. While Americans suffer, millions of US dollars are being allocated for foreign countries. Daily tours to the White House have ended while White House extravaganzas with the 'CELEBRITIES' continue, including the recent White House “celebration” of Memphis soul music. The US is funding research for “Sexual Conflict, Social Behavior and the Evolution of Waterfowl Genitalia” - measuring the reproductive organs of male ducks. Medicare patients are turned away from cancer clinics while Obamas lavishly vacation - four vacations in three months.

And this coming Saturday night, Obama will be partying with journalists and their CELEBRITY guests at the annual White House Correspondents’ Association bash. The White House is now being called "the sequester-free zone."

Interestingly, Obama "stepped up his golf to three Saturdays in a row" -- prior to the Boston terrorist bombing, accordingly to Keith Koffler in Obama's hubris problem. He states, "Even as the sequester began to force those who work for him in the federal government to take furloughs and government services were scaled back – including, famously, the White House tours – Obama stepped up his golf, roaring out of the White House in his motorcade three Saturdays in a row for the 50-minute round trip drive to the Joint Base Andrews course."

Koffler emphasizes, "Unfortunately, this president’s acts of high handedness and self-absorption have been accumulating in the past several months at a blistering pace."

Will it take another act of Congress to 'stop the insanity'?


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