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Congress low rating attributed to misrepresentation

The face of America's disapproval- Sen. Harry Reid
The face of America's disapproval- Sen. Harry Reid
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Since Americans almost completely disapprove of Congress, Rasmussen reports only (6%) approve of their actions and 65 to 75% disapprove, its time for a change. The private sector has moved into the 21st century yet Congress still balks at change. Sen. Pat Roberts R, Kan., spent less than 100 days in his home state using official funds the past two years. Congressman Matt Salmon R, AZ, said he agreed that Congress could and should be operating out their home state almost exclusively! Even voting could be done in Town hall video conferences eliminating the need to be in Washington but a few times a year. This would also alleviate the nightmare of lobbyists controlling Congress in DC.

Roberts spent a total of 97 days Kansas in two years putting him out of touch with his constituents. To make matters worse Congress as a rule works less and less in effect is hardly working spending less days in session. Combine that with President Obama’s extensive vacation time and the high percentage of time campaigning, it’s amazing anything ever gets done.

After 47 years Roberts has to argue his place of residence as do many other politicians. He not only doesn’t know his constituent’s desires he also fails to represent them in other words he only cares about himself and his personal agenda which half the time is spent on re-election. America has no place for career politicians anymore-they need to either retire or join the unemployment line.