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Congratulations Trupanion Pet Health Insurance

Looking around the world we live in it is easy to see changes that are wonderful and some which never would have been thought of 75 years ago. This is one little tidbit from Friday July 18th, 2014, Trupanion Pet Health Insurance went public on the Stock Exchange. This is a company which has been working with many to help defray the cost of not just the routine pet medical care, but also the emergent care which we are often ill-prepared for. All of us want to be the best facilitator of our pet’s lives that we can and this is surely one step which meets that plateau.

However, as our troops went to or came home from WWI, who would have ever thought of health insurance for our pets. And as there are many out in the market, how wonderful that our company-growth in the U.S. has moved out of some of the hallmark business names to not just the tech-rich company but to pet health are. All this being said, it is interesting our frequently less than superb human health care giants are not looking at this as an example; maybe they will. Recently, there was a joke about 2 patients have fallen and broken their foot; one goes to the doctor and is sent for x-rays and referred to an Orthopedic Surgeon in two weeks; the other goes to the doctor is x-rayed and taken to surgery by his vet within the hour. (I do not take credit for this joke, nor do I know who wrote it – only that in many cases this is true.) Congratulations to www.TRUPANION.COM for the hard work and having the steadfast ability to bring this to our pets and country.

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