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Congratulations to Coach Pete for his second Coach of the Year award

The horse
First, the horse

Boise State University Broncos head coach Chris Peterson wins the Bear Bryant Coach of the Year award for the second time. He is the only coach ever to win the award twice.

Coach Pete keeps winning this award because he is the perfect coach for the honor. He is unrelentingly humble always giving full credit to his staff, the players and the fans. This shows in every single game.

For starters, Coach Pete never leads the team onto the field. The first person out the gate (after the bronco rider) is always the defensive player who holds the hammer, which is an honor given to an outstanding defensive player after each game. After the hammer comes the team. After the team come the coaches. Coach Pete would have it no other way. He always says it is about the kids. And he is right.

Then the players

Coach Pete has yet to claim personal credit for anything, yet he is arguably the best coach in the game (as shown by his Coach of the Year award). In his remarks after the Fiesta Bowl, he gave credit to everybody but himself. He even gave credit to the fans. Even when BSU announced that they struck a five-year deal with Coach Pete right before the Fiesta Bowl, the coach said it is for the staff to make sure they get what they need to stay.

Contrast this with the runner up Coach Nick Sabin, who is always the first person out of the gate and who always takes personal credit. It shows in his remarks after the National Championship game when he talked about the coaching decisions rather than the accomplishments of the players.

Then the staff

Coach Pete refrains from showing anger at game by policy. Although this is obviously difficult, he succeeds most of the time. In his words, “The game is not the place for it.” This contributes to the atmosphere of sportsmanship at games and to the devotion of family-oriented fans.

Do not kid yourself, though, he does let it fly at practice, which is the place for it. Notice next time something goes wrong, such as a personal foul or a missed catch, Coach Pete calmly takes out a note pad to record it. I think the player would not want to be in the meeting when Coach Pete reads it back.

Coach Pete holds himself, his staff, and his players to a high standard of behavior and sportsmanship. He literally does not tolerate violations of the rules. It does not matter who is involved, if someone crosses the line, he is not involved in the game regardless of the affects it will have on the game. He even buys extra plane tickets for those to fail to keep the standards. They go home immediately. Coach Pete has kept players out of both Fiesta Bowls.

Obviously, the perfect season topped with a BCS win is what put Coach Pete in the vote, but it is his outstanding talent as a coach, as a leader, and as a representative of Boise State University that won him the award.


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