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Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Coats: Baby Olivia's parents set to wed!

The precious baby, Olivia Marie Coats,  that stole the hearts of millions parents' are getting married.
The precious baby, Olivia Marie Coats, that stole the hearts of millions parents' are getting married.
Rachel and Allen Coats Facebook

Olivia Marie Coats was born on December 28, 2013 and passed away on On New Year’s Day, as many of you already know, because of the excessive use of forceps during delivery.

Baby Olivia stole the hearts of the masses and bound her family forever!
Rachel and Allen Coats

Baby Olivia's story went viral, and she captured the hearts of millions around the world almost overnight.

Her parents, Rachel Melancon and Allen Coats received an outpouring of love, prayers and support from their community and also from across the globe. Christmas lights in several different countries were lit to see their angel baby home when she passed.

They have been through a lot, and have also been fighting to pass The Olivia Law that bans the use of forceps during assisted deliveries, or at the very least to give the mother an option.

The couple has handled this with grace and dignity like many of us could never imagine being able to do. They continue to press for their sweet Olivia's legacy law to be passed. Still in the midst of the storm they can smile, and they know their little girl would want them to continue on.

Over Facebook on March 2, 2014 they announced their official engagement. Their daughter, Olivia, though not here in body is very much a part of their life still today, and she is also included in this happy time for her parents as the photos show.

One supporter said, "As you stated on your page, Olivia is shining down on you." I am sure she is one happy little angel knowing her mom and dad are getting married. Congratulations Rachel Melancon and Allen Coats!"

For anyone who wants to support their struggle to get The Olivia Law passed you can donate to the family directly on their go fund me page. You can offer your best wishes and prayers on their Facebook page as well as view the witty photos that show their amazing personalty and love for life.

Rachel and Allen have expressed their gratitude for the "selfless people who have offered support through their pages."

Rachel and Allen released a statement saying, "We received a few comments asking why the petition is already closed.. first let me say that we are so appreciative of everyone who did support and those of you who wanted to but did not get the chance. We only had the petition open for 24 hours and we received over 36,000 signatures. We only chose to keep it open for 24 hours to show that even in such a short time how many people also agree with our decision to pursue the outlaw of forceps."

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