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Congrats to Peter Gilman, winner Fargo Marathon, on setting a new record

Fargo Marathon

Peter Gilman, 34 of Rochester, MN won today's Fargo Marathon, which is impessive, but not as newsworthy as the fact that he broke the Fargo Marathon record by nearly six minutes.

Any time someone can set that type of record, it's worth recognition. Even if it's from far-away San Jose.

Gilman is no new-comer to pushing himself.  In the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Men’s Marathon, he placed 82nd out of the 134 men to started the race. In a world-stage setting, this is no small accomplishment. 

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Fargo Marathon

UPDATE & EDIT - Be sure to note the comment below from the former record holder - Eric Sondag - and his great words to and about Gilman.

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  • Eric Sondag 5 years ago

    Congrats to Pete...he smashed my one year old Fargo Marathon record, and I'm proud to see it go down to such a talented and hard working guy. He took the race from the gun, and never looked back, beating a strong field by a minute. Great run, Pete!