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Congenital trismus: Baby with rare ailment can't open mouth

A baby in Ontario, Canada has been diagnosed with congenital trismus. Baby Wyatt is basically unable to open his mouth. It all stated just after Wyatt's birth last summer. Nurses couldn't check the baby's mouth, trying to put their fingers inside but realizing that the baby couldn't open his mouth. He was soon diagnosed with the rare condition which is caused by a tetanus infection. However, Wyatt's case was not caused by tetanus and doctors are baffled.

Approaching his first birthday, Wyatt is being fed by a tube in his nose. His parents have struggled over the past year, bringing their son in for treatments and being scared to death many times. According to the report, Wyatt's parents have had to call 911 about six times over the past several months. They have set up a website called "What's Wrong with Wyatt?" in hopes of sharing their story and connecting with other parents who may be going through something similar.

Wyatt's parents work with him daily to get his mouth moving. He is also injected with Botox to keep his jaw muscles loosened up. Doctors think that there could be some muscle or nerve damage that is behind Wyatt's condition but so far, they haven't been able to prove anything.

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