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Confusing street signs make navigating difficult

Confusing street signs make navigating difficult.
Confusing street signs make navigating difficult.
Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Travelling downtown in I-75 there is a sign for the Harrison Ave. exit that says the exit is in a half of a mile. About a half of a mile further on, there is another sign that says the exit is in a half of a mile. It seems that the signage has been wrong for years, and no one is doing anything about it. Cincinnati signage is a problem; especially, in more wooded suburban areas. It seems that Cincinnati drivers may not be able to trust the street signs. Perhaps just knowing where to go is the best way to get around.

In John 14:6, Jesus said, “‘I am the way, the truth, and the life.’” The Scriptures are clear that the path of eternal life and a restored relationship with God is only found through Christ Jesus. People visiting Cincinnati may have a hard time finding their way around town with Cincinnati’s signage, but the way to salvation is clearly marked by Christ.

Throughout the Scriptures God led his people, and today, he is still leading his people. Psalm 23:3 says that God leads his sheep in paths of righteousness. Matthew 6:13 presents the model prayer that asks God to lead away from temptation and toward deliverance. Psalm 25:9 states that God leads the humble in his own ways and teaches them. Cincinnati Christians are led by God, just like his people have been since the beginning of time. Perhaps, like the roads in Cincinnati, life does not come with clearly marked or accurate signs. However, Cincinnati Christians can rely on Christ to lead them in paths of righteousness, away from temptation, toward God himself and his deliverance.