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Confused and scared baby cow rescued after having wandered off farm

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An eight-month-old adorable black and white baby calf had quite an adventure on Wednesday morning and aroused the attention of the Southold Police and Southold Animal Shelter as she wandered away from her new home reported the Suffolk Times.

Just 80 miles east of New York City, the idyllic setting of Breeze Hill Farm with its fresh produce, interesting boutiques, and many fine wineries most probably was not the reason the young heifer decided to hoof it. According to the director of the North Fork Animal Welfare League, Gillian Pultz,

"She was just freaked out. She didn’t know where she lived yet and she hadn’t gotten acclimated to her surroundings, so, she just ran.”

The youngster had only been separated from her mother for a few days when she crossed the busy Highway 48 and wound up near one of the vineyards about a mile away from Breeze Hill Farm. Authorities were able to follow the cow chips, and before long, the little one was caught and safely transported home.

The North Fork Animal Welfare League, Inc/Southold Animal Shelter will not kill any animal just because they are homeless. As with keeping with the ultimate goal of eliminating the overpopulation of our companion animals, education and spay and neuter programs are the most important.

Please do not buy your next companion animal when you can adopt.

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