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Confounding Progressives with truth and facts

This writer is able to follow the trends within the Left-wing via the social media. Statistics show the conservative main stream of America has adopted the internet- and the social media to find, understand, and propagate current events without the influence of the liberal-leaning main stream media. Indeed, recently released Clinton Administration records show the fear of the internet’s ability to confound the White House as it worked closely with mainstream media to control the news flowing to the American people. The Left has reciprocated by recruiting people to flood the social media outlets with retorts and to“get their message out”. This writer has already outlined the dishonest postures the Left employs- indeed the Alinsky verbal contortions they use to avoid obvious truths and conclusions. This writer has developed a system to confound those tactics, the presumptuous posturing and the supercilious insults the left denigrates itself to falling back on when their tactics are confounded.

One can see the breakdown of the Left illustrated as it’s policies are found to be more than ineffective- in fact destructive to the American fabric and economic system in the House of Representatives this week. On the issue of Immigration, Representative Tom Marino (R )of Pennsylvania was entering perspective on the record in preparation for a vote on an Immigration bill. Incidentally, a bill that passed the House and was avoided by the Senate by simply leaving town (a favorite ploy of Democrats). When Rep. Pelosi (D) of San Francisco, California heard the practical measure measures of the proposed legislation, she broke House rules and interrupted Rep. Marino and crossed the aisle to threaten him, then ultimately deemed him an “insignificant person” which as the reader knows; is a supercilious position since all House members Constitutionally are equal on the House floor. This writer predicts the emotional breakdown on the Left will continue as their trump-card (immigration) has failed to galvanize their base and mid-term elections loom close on the horizon. Indeed, the situation is in such disarray for them that the President tried to rally the troops by surprising the White House Press with a friendly visit (with peroxide grey in his hair) to get them to talk about “His Birthday” (narcissism exposed). The press was having none of it- they refused to be rallied. America has had enough celebrity President and the nation now wants a leader beyond Obama’s pretty face and Valerie Jarrett’s shadow Presidency. The desperation has reached the rank and file Progressive/Marxist and the reactions in the social media are a sight to behold.

The question remains: “How does the average American confound and circumvent the *Alinsky tactics of the Left. There are several steps.

1. Step One: Determine if their proposition is accurate.
Often, the proponents of an idea will augment the founding proposition to accommodate their conclusion. The nation saw that this week on the floor of the House when Representative Marino replied to Representative Pelosi that the Democrats did absolutely nothing to protect the borders when they had super-majorities. "Yes, it is true. I did the research on it," Marino added. "You might want to try it. You might want to try it, Madam Leader. Do the research on it. Do the research. I did it. That's one thing you don't do." When challenged on the facts, Ms. Pelosi lost her cool, violated decorum, and tried to physically intimidate Representative Marino with her wagging finger. Step one is to understand and confront the Left with the actual facts- in context, without spin. The truth cannot be refuted. Which leads to the next step.

Step Two: Only proffer the truth- the facts: not spin, but FACT.
The Left, for all their dishonesty requires absolute honesty from anyone with the audacity to disagree with them. This is an advantage for the Right since that’s the realm in which they by and large operate. An example would be the Lefts retort to Congressman Marino “Technically the Democrats didn’t have a super-majority since Al Franken had not yet been seated”. The point is moot, but it gives them another issue to divert to in avoidance of the fact that Democrats had the nation in a choke hold with no process for rebuttal by the Republicans. The retort didn't bear scrutiny by rephrasing the assertion: “The Democrats had the Leadership in Washington with no real opportunity by Republicans to influence the legislative process.” This is a truth that can’t be refuted because it removes “wiggle room” for the Left to focus upon. Which leads to the next step.

Step Three: Remain calm and accurate.
One of the Alinsky tactics of the Left is to divert focus of a factual truth by angering a debate opponent- then focusing on the anger of the “crazy right-winger”. We see this often by accusation of racism, bigotry, xenophobia, “angry”, and/or fascism. These are attempts to personalize the subject at hand and diminish the conservatives standing by casting that conservative with baggage that can’t be proved. Completely remove the accusation with a brief explanation that you are focused on the facts, and turn the responsibility around on the Left-winger with factual assertions. “We aren’t discussing that issue at this point, but: “Facism is a form of Marxism, and the Progressive movement is in an active partnership with American Marxist” Another would be “To falsely accuse someone of bigotry/xenophobia/racism. etcetera is to exercise said bigotry/xenophobia/racism etcetera but we’re talking about…then restate your original proposition” If the conservative can’t type without issuing an insult, walk away from the keyboard until you can. The time away allows you to regain your factual mind-set with the added bonus of throwing your debate opponent off of their rhythm. This tactic doesn’t work for the Left since theirissues usually don't bear the scrutiny of truth; and depends on causing you to look unreasonable. Stay calm.

Step Four: Piece your information in small bites

Don’t offer a complete dissertation on an issue. Formulate a methodical, factual presentation without burying too many facts in one post. The facts lose their effectiveness when bundled together in one shot. Think as if you are developing a “case” in a court of law: presenting a series of pieces of information to guide a jury to see the facts: the truth lies with your proposition. If the Left finds a mistake, acknowledge it, and move forward quickly. This gives you credibility in that you are more interested in the truth rather than political posture. “I acknowledege that Al Franken wasn’t yet seated, but the Democrats had working control of the nation none the less. The Republicans had no reasonable influence on the legislative process.” You acknowledge the point, but continued to present your facts in a methodical manner. When the Left becomes bellicose, acknowledge that their supercilious posture doesn’t change the factual presentation, (incidentally, the Left hasn’t developed a retort for being identified as supercilious: and the term is accurate in identifying their posture). Which leads to the next step.

Step Five: Require the Left to document their assertions with mainstream credentialed sources.

This is the opportunity to have some fun. The Left is big on “credible sources” when requiring those who oppose them to “prove their point”. While they will insult Fox News, they are willing to sight CNN, The New York Times, or a network news agency. Put them on the defensive by documenting the unreliability of their news source. “Didn’t CNN carry the fake story that Obamacare didn’t have death panels and the average American can “keep their insurance if they like it? Yes they did, then provide a link of that organization proffering inaccurate information. This will send them into a tirade about Fox News, Breitbart , and/or Drudge Report: the answer being “we’re not really talking about news sources, I just want you to source information for your assertion with a reliable source.”

Step Six: Hold them responsible.
The left-wing has been “The Sheriff in Town” since January 2007. Their policies have failed on multiple fronts. From the economy, (financial growth is occurring primarily in conservative states with liberal states still bleeding cash flow.) to immigration, (sans the breakdown of Nancy Pelosi), to National Security, to International Relations, to creating racial divides within the nation. When they try to “share the blame, you retort with “But Obama said he could work in that environment and change things. He’s even failed there.”

Be ready to be bombarded with gangs of Leftist asking you multiple divisive and diverting question. Don’t answer them. The retort is “I don’t play 20 questions, if you have a point just make it.” Then document your assertion free of their misleading questions. These are the tactics that cause the Left to face their failures, and to do so with facts and truth.

Finally: Understand that these tactics will not change the mind of the Left-wing debate opponent, or the committed Progressive.

They know their positions don’t bear scrutiny (which is why they employ Alinsky-type tactics). The purpose of any public debate is to sway the audience with the facts and truth. Rarely will you get acknowledgement of your success, but the fact that the Left is flooding the social media indicates the success of the factual arguments- the points the Clinton Administration feared because it circumvented the joint-efforts of the Administration and the “Main Stream Media”.

Now enjoy yourself like you watch a snake wriggle after its head is remove.