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Confidence NOW: How your Intuition can Rock your life & biz in 2014!

Confidence NOW! Let your Intuition ROCK your life & biz

Learn the TOP THREE ways you can get your life and business on track NOW!

You are probably more than alittle tired. You read the latest books. Run to the training or coach everyone is talking about…and you are still no closer to the life you wanted. You attend all the events and then some...

You wake up everyday and you KNOW, in you heart in your SOUL that you have something to birth, to express, to CREATE…and yet it’s not happening.

Why is this happening? I can tell you why. Most likely you are doing “everything right.”

Yes, you have the credentials, the right clothes and you know the right people…

And you put off writing your bio, you don’t really market and then you kind of don’t really go all out. Even when you do under the loving push of your are not totally convinced...deep inside, you know... where it counts?

What’s keeping you from going ALL IN? Just like you dream of?

If you are anything like me, you've always had a feeling you were here to do something and you also felt like it could affect many people.

DEEP inside you feel you are carrying a vision that you may not see clearly and are too scared to step into. There could be shame, fear and all sorts of sticky stuff jamming up your unique and beautiful VISION. The creation of which YOU can only carry out...Just like you KNOW that you were born to do!

What is missing in this equation my brilliant peeps?

What’s missing is your clarity, connection & confidence. What’s missing is the TRUE knowing that you are ON THE RIGHT TRACK and that this is YOUR SOUL’s work!

You WANT something with all you've got but you've had a heck of a time getting clarity about it.

If you have been wondering how to put all the pieces together. If you have been wondering how to create something that will FIRE YOU UP like no one’s business. And you KNOW we can’t keep your eyes off men and women who are ON FIRE!

If you really want to know how to get the CLARITY, CONNECTION and COURAGE that you are seeking...get on this call!

Anyone who has ever met me knows that I am SO passionate about what I do and what I am doing in the world now!

The fact is, I was ALWAYS passionate but I was missing a piece of the answer!

I used to be tortured about carrying this "something" inside of no matter what happens, I am HAPPY because I am COMPLETELY on my path and loving it!

With two decades of experience (yeah I started young) and working in both English and Spanish markets, I see tons of people from all walks of life. It's in the thousands now..through live events, online, intuitive sessions and transformational hypnosis across the country and in South America. I noticed as I worked with my clients and students that several things were in place for them to SUCCEED.

I have been able to distill what makes them ROCK their life into THREE major points that I want to share with you!

These THREE points helped me go from having a thriving business that went into a grinding halt...breakup/lay off/major surgery/car crash/serious creating a successful group program and a first year Mastery program that I am proud of!

It's helped my clients gather all their know-how and BRING IT like never before!

* Learn what it takes to get CLARITY

* Learn a simple process to deeper CONNECTION

* Find out how to get your CONFIDENCE UP & your COURAGE GOING!

* Discover YOUR own GUIDING system so YOU get so GOOD that you will make the right decisions in for your health, your love life AND your business!

Confidence, Connection, Clarity and Courage are for EVERYONE!

Don't wait anymore...Take a chance and let's explore on this community call the THREE pillars of CONNECTION, CLARITY & COURAGE!


Please join me and let me guide you in what I KNOW can be a life-changing process!

intuitively yours,

What some amazing people are saying...

"Vanessa has such a powerful vulnerability- a capacity to hear and to trust the information she is receiving from spirit. The depth of my healing at Vanessa's mystical hands was profound. She is a gorgeous soul and holds deep medicine with her gift of intuitive healing." ~Meggan Watterson, Founder REVEAL. Hay House Speaker+Author of Reveal: A Sacred Manual for Getting Spiritually Naked

"Vanessa is a force of nature. She is incredibly intuitive, but what is most compelling about her work is that she teaches us to connect more deeply with our own intuition. Like teaching a man to fish, she allows us to become our own healer and guide."- Nisha Moodley, Fierce, Fabulous and Free

“Vanessa is a wonderfully gifted intuitive – no question is unanswerable, and no concern is left unmet. All of my experiences with her have been transformative and haveprovided me with deep insights, full of nuance and richly textured. She has been an invaluable treasure on my spiritual journey, and I cannot thank her enough”.- Rev. Kandace Simmons, Spiritual Strategist

"Literally just had my mind and heart completely blown by the intuitive brilliance of Vanessa Codorniu. Holy sh&t. You are BRILLIANT, Sister. THANK YOU, deepest gratitude for the session and can't wait to work more with you, Goddess!"- Lisa Fabrega, life detox coach, a truth-speaker & writer

“If you are going to Vanessa, expect to be transformed. She is fully embodied, 100% present, and meets you where you are. She sees you in your greatest light and makes sure that you see yourself in that way too. More than a healer, Vanessa awakens.” Kate Stefans, Emotional Eating Expert

" I connected with Vanessa at a time when I was experiencing so much hurt and confusion in my life. She helped peel back the fog to see what was really going on. Vanessa gave me such keen insight that I wasn't able to see for myself. I am a very intuitive person, but was IN it, and could not access the clarity I needed to move forward, and beyond the challenges I was experiencing. With her help, I was able to move forward, and actually spring far ahead in my personal and spiritual growth. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Vanessa, xo."~Gina Knepell, Intuitive Calling Masterwork, Whole Life Detox & Transformation

"Vanessa is a pure channel for Spirit, there is no other way to say it! During my first session with her, without so much as asking me a question, she was able to accurately portray the events of my life, while giving me deeper insight into them. Her grace and kindness during the session was also a beautiful bonus. I would definitely recommend working with her to anyone who is ready to live their life in a bigger way "~ Beth Watson, Waves of Fire

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