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Confidence, not arrogance

Let them know who you are
Let them know who you are
Dave Walters Examiner

And yes there is a difference between the two. Many feel that by promoting their skills, talent and sage advice, they are arrogantly pursuing self-promotion. But when you are trying to increase your opportunity to build a better future and have career choices, this is not the time to keep your talents secret. Children should be seen not heard is not a memory that will do you any good and past failure won’t either.

Always be thinking about what value you can bring to business. How can you help others reach their goals. This is not about your wants and needs initially but about what you can bring to their breakfast or dinner table. You’re the invited guest to help them shine.

Make sure you don’t pay attention to the competition. Your key achievements will be the defining factor in being successful if you are an entrepreneur or joining the staff of an organization.

Many job seekers get sucked into what is popular in resume format, the best interview questions, and developing the perfect list of experience that will overwhelm the competition. It is fine to have a well-designed resume to get in the first door, but through the entire job process or career journey it is about you; your unique accomplishments that will make a difference. And if your package is not a good match, you don’t want to be in the position or project in the first place.

It is really about your personal energy, intelligence and most of all integrity. Warren Buffet actually said that without integrity, energy and intelligence will kill you.