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CONFIDENCE: How To Build and Maintain It

Confidence is within your reach. It alludes from the way you walk, talk, dress and how you respond in challenging circumstances. You can begin to build confidence within yourself instantaneously. You do not have to wait until someone else gives you this characteristic. It is already within you and ready to be built upon.

To first begin building confidence, you need to close your eyes, take a deep breath in, slowing exhale out and say in your mind “I have value”. Open your eyes and look in the mirror or at your smartphone as if to take a selfie and say out loud “I have value”. This step begins the mental process. It is the step that starts to shape your mindset. Repeat this step frequently so you will not forget and so you will start to believe it. It is an easy quick and an impactful step to maintaining your confidence.

Secondly, get up and walk. When you walk, make sure your head is lifted, chin is up, shoulders are back and stride across the room or down the hall or wherever. As you are walking, be mentally saying to yourself “I have value and I have worth”. You don’t have to do exercise for long, but practice throughout the day. You can do it while walking to/from your car, to the restroom, in the store or in the privacy of your home. If you can’t walk, pick your head up, lift your chin and push back your shoulders. Slowly look from right to left and left to right while making eye contact with different objects in the area and mentally saying to yourself “I have value and I have worth”. The purpose of this step is so that you can start to physically begin believing in your own confidence. Therefore no matter what you are wearing, you will be alluding confidence in your stride.

The third step has to do with developing confidence in your voice when you speak. You can start this step when ordering food. Most of the time you know what you want to eat. When you place your order, you want to eliminate any doubt or hesitation such as “I think” or changing your order three times. You want your words to come out strong along with your physical demeanor showing the confidence you started in step two. The more you practice when ordering food will allow you to shift your progress to answering questions with confidence. Again you want to respond with solid answers and remove any doubt of uncertainty.

It is important that you continue to practice these steps. The first step is the most crucial because it is the one that will allow you to mentally bounce back when challenging circumstances arrive. Confidence is lost when you have been turned down, rejected and/or when things aren’t going your way. You are entitled to be hurt for a little while, but you cannot let those things steal your confidence. You have to resort back to your mental confidence of “I have value”. It is during these trying times that you have to steadily repeat step one in your mind in order to see past the situation. You have to walk with your head high and know that the obstacle does not determine your worth. Repeat to yourself “I have value and I have worth”. Confidence is within you. Strive for the confidence within yourself. Believe in the confidence that is rightfully yours to have and maintain.

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