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Confessions of small business owners using social media

Social media is possibly one of the best things to happen in recent years, especially where businesses are concerned. Social media allows business owners connect with a wider audience, and this is especially true for small to medium-sized organizations where there could be a lot to accomplish with limited resources.

Starting a business can be easy with the right guidance, but for many, social media marketing may still be a grey area that business owners are hesitant to enter into.

Why social media is the bees' knees for social media

According to research by Michael Stelzner where a group of 3324 marketers (many of whom are small business owners) were surveyed, about 9 out of 10 participants agreed that social media is highly important in their business. Almost everyone were of the opinion that social media helps project their brand image out there in the market and increase visibility, overall revelling in the increased exposure.

Other benefits include:

  • significant forging of new partnerships for 59% of self-employed and small business owners
  • small business owners are twice as likely to garner valid leads that would lead towards sales and new customers
  • one out of two small business owners were happy to report that sales have directly increased as a result of regular social media efforts
  • not surprisingly, in line with the results enjoyed from employed social media marketing, small business owners and self-employed individuals revealed lowered marketing costs in general

Top social media platforms used

Tools that are most popular amongst marketers when it comes to social media marketing include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs and Youtube.

Small business owners reveal what works, and what didn't

1. "Facebook made me popular!"

Erica Ter from Auryn's Lair revealed her experience using Facebook to expand her business network. She expresses excitement over obtaining lots of targeted followers as well as enjoying closer connections and communication with her company's audience, thanks to Facebook. She was also quick to add that awareness leads to sales, which is why they're glad to see an increase of Likes, which will provide a stream of traffic and word-of-mouth.

2. "I love being a social media rebel."

Courtenay Mims from Silver Fire Dreams talked about not conforming to the norm when it comes to using social media for her business. As the owner of an arts and crafts business, she acknowledges that Etsy is a good e-Commerce solution but reveals that she would rather follow her own path, and that she was glad to have found a great platform called Art Fire . She further elaborated that, unlike Etsy, Art Fire provides a flexibility and rewarding experience to sellers, empowering business owners to scale their efforts in order to

When looking for the right social media platforms for your business, it never hurts to try out new solutions - you may just discover a diamond in the rough.

3. "Move over website, Facebook is here to stay."

Ashli Szymanski from CS Studios FX, S&S Accessories and Vestiphobia voiced her amusement as she observed most people tend to ask if they're on Facebook as opposed to what is the link to their website. She also revealed that her businesses have been enjoying more referrals that led to bigger projects - all on Facebook.

So when does one decide to scrap a business website in favor of a Facebook page? There are pros and cons attached to it, obviously. Advantages of substituting a website for a Facebook page include not having to fork out higher costs to build a website, saving time on maintenance, as well as less worries about hacking and search engine optimization. On the other hand, business owners also need to think about the lack of search engine ranking (seeing how traffic is directed to your Facebook page, that doesn't fully belong to you anyway), and the fact that a competitor's ad may exist in your very page!

4. "Don't be afraid to spend money on Facebook ads."

Melanie Gracie Phillips from Live Steamy isn't shy about revealing her love for Facebook ads. She had been testing a small campaign by spending a dollar each day, and has so far enjoyed results that commensurate with the ad spend.

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